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  1. megerler

    Military Nursing

    I love being a reservist, but my hospital doesn't help me in the huge loss of pay when I drill like the US government does.
  2. megerler

    Circulator Presence on Induction?

    In there....period.
  3. megerler

    Bair Huggers

    Always follow manufacturers instruction....always
  4. megerler

    Whistleblower, Briana Aguirre

    Nurses in this situation need to consider the Safe Harbor Act for patient safety. If she gets exposed due to improper procedures/equipment, then she can spread the infectious agent (ebola) to the other patients and this act covers her intentions (for patient safety) in Texas.
  5. megerler

    Minimum level of experience for FNP

    Physician's assistants don't have any experience, just what they gained in clinicals. They are everywhere as well. The schooling that a nurse gets is patient centered service then the additional advance specialty courses take NPs much farther than PAs maybe.
  6. megerler

    Am I too old to become a Reserve nurse?

    Thanks for the encouragement. I made a 98.8 on my PT last month (nice hot August morning here in San Antonio too) Triathlons are one of my hobbies.
  7. I'm 50 years old and in my last year of a BSN program. I did 9 years active duty Air Force, and now I'm at three years of an AF reservist enlisted position. I'll be 51 when I graduate with the BSN ( I already have a BAAS in Industrial Technology). My ambition is to be a flight nurse, but continue to become a Nurse Practitioner. Can I still get in to be a nurse with the reserves? Any help/suggestions out there please, SSgt Megerle Texas A&M Univ.