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  1. Congrats ! I recieved my BSN from Chamberlain-was not easy,but great-the staff,instuctors,office staff everyone was so nice and always willing to help. The instructors are competent and so down to earth. When you send them a message with a question or a (cry) for help-they get back to you quickly with encouragement and reassurance. I would love to go back for my MSN-but they arent taking students for the Master's program from my state at this time.
  2. msjchuck

    Walden University

    Any one know about this school's online RN-MSN program seems nice-price only $425 per credit.
  3. Yes please tell me more about this program I was so skepticle-because like others have said it seems tooooo good to be true-I read a few negative reports on other sites about the work being too hard and having to redo assignments three times because they were too difficult to pass-but they were not nurses.I will be going into the BSN to MSN program. Any info you have esp. first hand knowledge will be helpful. I would rather hear from nurses.
  4. Help!- so you went from RN-BSN-MSN in 15 months? so how long will it take me to go BSN-MSN?
  5. msjchuck

    Thoughts on WGU

    Can anyone that's in the MSN program tell me about it? I am looking at different programs and this one is the most affordable-but???