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    Heck yeah, if I could go back in time I would definitely choose a different career in healthcare. I love helping and meeting people, but this job has been way too stressful. If I didn't exercise 3-4 times a week to relieve stress, I think I would've left this job a while ago. Like someone else mentioned, I would never recommend this career to a loved one. I have always given my all to make sure all of my PTs are well taken care of but I feel drained at times. So what is my complaint about nursing? Exactly what your complaint is at your current job. The staffing is horrible and it's not going to change as a RN. I worked as a CNA for 2.5 yrs before becoming a RN and the only difference is that I have way more responsibility and I work harder. Honestly, working as a CNA was a lot easier for me and i worked on a med-surg/onc floor. If i were you, i would think a lot about it before i spent more money going to nursing school if this is how you truly feel. Sorry I don't want to be a downer, but I'm giving you my honest opinion in my situation working as a floor nurse. You may have better luck in another nursing specialty. Good luck with whatever you choose, take care.

  2. I personally feel it's up to the OP to do what makes him/her happy. I know if I took a job somewhere I wasn't too crazy about, but the job I really wanted ended giving me a call down the line, I would jump for it. I imagine nurses have to take jobs on floors they don't really want to be on. They shouldn't stay unhappy for their employer's sake. No one owes anybody anything.