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  1. NP-InTraining

    Any benefits to a pre-health program to get into BscN?

    Hi Brit, just to let you know, I am currently enrolled at George Brown In their pre health science program. This program was not designed to gain you acceptance into the BScN program at George Brown, they don't accept this certificate as enough to gain acceptance. They only allow you to use this certificate to get into the RPN program, some other colleges will accept it though for their BScN program but not all so you have to call around and find out who will accept it. I agree that it's better and cheaper to just upgrade through your school board and I am still considering that since I am only finishing up my first semester I may just finish and upgrade through my school board. Best of luck in your journey
  2. NP-InTraining

    Anyone in ontario...

    Hi Donk, I applied to the Georgian/York program for January (hoping I get in) I'm just wondering how you are liking it so far. I have heard mixed reviews on Georgian and their nursing program so if you could please share your experience so far that would be great Thanks in advance.
  3. NP-InTraining

    BScN and MSN.

    The masters course is one year, in order to go for your MSN they require that you work minimum 2 years as a nurse (RN) prior.
  4. NP-InTraining

    Acceptances for September 2013 and Jan 2014 !!

    Best of luck to you ! Keep us posted. Hope to see you around Georgian campus in January !!
  5. NP-InTraining

    Acceptances for September 2013 and Jan 2014 !!

    CONGRATSSSSS !!!! You are on your waaay now. Can you share your grades/GPA with us do we have an idea as to what is realistic. I'm hoping to be accepted by Georgian in January 2014 so I have a while to wait before acceptance letters go out but I'm enjoying pre health right now. Soo excited for you ! Seems like we will both be grads of YorkU (in different semesters). Keep us posted.
  6. NP-InTraining

    Acceptances for September 2013 and Jan 2014 !!

    Hey ChelsO and sweetpeony ! Wish you both luck on your nursing journey! I am really only banking on Georgian College's acceptance as they are the only school (close enough to me) that will accept George Browns pre health certificate so that I can gain entrance into the degree program. George Brown on the other hand reserves seats into their PN program just for their pre health students and since I started in January they will be holding our seats for the January intake so that would be my back up plan if I dont get into the RN program. Lucky for you sweetpeony that you are starting in september so you are getting acceptance letters now, I have to wait until August to hear back from schools but either way im excited for this journey. Pre Health is really getting me prepared for the craziness of Nursing school, and I have been working my butt off because I want this soo bad. Let me know when you finally get accepted into your first college of choice because Im sure you will !! ALL THE BEST GIRLS.
  7. Hi, I'm a pre nursing student. Taking the pre health science program at George Brown, I started this January 2013 so I won't complete the program till August which makes its too late for me to gain entry into any BScN programs starting in September sooo that is why I applied and will be applying to programs that start in January 2014 or September 2014 but I am really aiming for January which will give me a one semester break after finishing pre health and before starting nursing school. I'm nervous and scared at the same time. So I made this thread to kind of get us all talking and seeing what the cut off marks are looking like for this year and next, I know a lot of us have applied for a September start date so we would love it if you could share where you applied, if you got accepted, what were your marks and if you are coming from high school , pre health or somewhere else. Thanks to all and Good luck !!!!
  8. Humber does not offere a BScN program they only offer BN (Bachelors of Nursing) no science, and to be honest a BScN is more desirable than a BN. So your best bet is to atten GBs Pre Health program (I will be there in January too LOL) score good grades and then go from there, they are really good at saving spots for their Pre Health students to get into their Nursnig programs (highest grades get priority). Let me know if you have any other questions. Seneca offers their Pre Health program with the option to go into their BScN program after but NO OTHER college offers that all other College Pre Health programs can be used for a college nursing diploma (Practical Nursing). I am still trying to contact George Brown to find out if students that do EXTREMELY well in their Pre Health program can get into their Collaborative BScN if anyone knows if that is possible please post it for the rest of us.
  9. NP-InTraining

    George Brown Pre-Health In January

    I am starting this January too !! My goal is to get into the PN program after the Pre Health and then go on for my BScN and later Masters degree. LOL I know (so many years), but im excited. Message me if anything, would love to meet people in the program looking to go into nursing:)