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  1. Hey, thanks for the comments guys!

    I wasn't trying to ride a high horse, or assert that I was smarter than anyone else, I'm sorry.

    Thanks classicdame, I agree that focus,determination, and effort are more crucial to success than intelligence.

    Maybe you guys could tell me what your biggest struggle was in school, maybe a certain subject or something else like staying motivated?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Hey, thanks for your response!

    I agree IQ tests are not the best indicator of intelligence, and certainly not the only factor determining success, but I guess it's the best test they can come up with for measuring such a thing. It wouldn't be fair to compare two people based on specialized knowledge that only one of them possesses.

    What made you decide to change from medic to nurse? just a change of scene?

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    I have not actively practiced as an EMT but I have had some volunteer experiences, ranging from compound fractures to wasted teenage girls throwing up on me. The last time I volunteered there was a little fella who had fallen and hit his nose on the ground and had a bloody nose, after I had a look and cleaned it up, I told his mother that he was ok and she thanked me, she looked as if the world had just been lifted off of her shoulders. That is why I want to do this, I don't want the money, or expect anything in return, I just want to know in my head that I helped somebody and I did a good job. There is no greater reward than that, for me anyways.

    I want to help people, that much is certain. I probably shouldn't doubt myself so much because any time in my life that I have put in the required effort, the results have been very good. I don't see any reason this can't be the same. I guess the words "university" and "degree" scare me a little bit because growing up I was under the impression only people with brains the size of basketballs went to university. These kinds of thoughts are just self defeating thoughts, I shouldn't pay attention to them because I had the exact same thought's before I did the EMT-b course, they just pushed me harder and I passed with flying colors. I believe there is no such thing as "good enough" when it comes to caring for the sick or injured.

    Having asthma, I have been the patient of both paramedics and nurses (and doctors) on many occasions, there is no one else on this earth I am more grateful for. If it were not for them and their complete dedication to their jobs, I would be dead, no doubt about it.

    For now I'll keep researching the field, and any other advice anyone can give me would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you :)

  4. I am wondering how smart one needs to be to be successful in completing a R.N. programme? I never tried in high school but I took a emt-b course and finished with 98% avg. and my IQ is somewhere between 130-135, based on two separate IQ tests, one official and one non-official.

    One of my worst attributes is doubting myself, I'm just curious to know how I stack up against current R.N.'s and R.N. students in terms of intellectual capacity and whether or not I could be successful in this field.

    Have you ever taken an IQ test? what was your score?

    What is the absolute hardest skill or body of knowledge an R.N. must learn?

    thanks for your time :)