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  1. Hi RNafn, I just came across your post. Did you end up applying? My b/f sister graduated with her BSN in 2015 from Molloy and applied to SBU FNP for summer 2016. She only had a few months of experience when she applied and she was accepted. They would prefer at last 1 yr of experience but I don't thinks it required. I recently applied as well for summer 2018.

  2. Hey, I tried replying to your private message but it says your inbox is full. Please clear it out so we can talk.

    I just called sbu hsc and asked when would be hear decision this week or next week!! She told me that soon we should hear decision and advice me to check solar .. They are behind of decision but they working on them she told.

    I guess they are doing final tour on decision or choosing waiting list ppl.

    Good luck !

  3. Hi Ozgur,

    I received your private message but unable to reply to it; it says your inbox is full.

    I actually got accepted into Stony Brook University's 2 yr program and decided to go there. It's a lot cheaper and I completed my ungraduate degree there...so I'm very much familiar with the environment. I was also accepted into Pace University in the city. My program starts Aug. 26, I'm both excited and nervous, but I'm sure everything will work out. How's your program? Are you going to start applying to other programs again for fall or spring? I think you should definitely give stony brook a try again. I am open to helping you with your application and even review your personal statement. I applied to both of stony brook's programs; the accelerated and the 2 yr. I was not accepted into the accelerated and was very much surprised that they accepted me into their 2 yr program. So don't get discourage or lose hope. Everying happens for a reason and I'm always here to help if you need me. Send me your email address if you would like to talk.

  4. Hi Jaytphan,

    I know exactly how you feel in terms of the bad reviews. I just received a call from one of the advisors saying that I was accepted and will need to submit my deposit asap. I was accepted to 2 other schools, Drexel in Philadephia and Stony Brook in Long Island, NY. I would most likely choose Stony Brook since it's the cheapest out of my choices and also has a good rep. Hope you hear back from your other choices soon.

    Hey Yourstruly_dm!

    Yes, I believe we were in the same interview! I got accepted into the one year program, but I am very hesitant to accept their offer at this moment. I am still waiting to hear from other schools. I already left a deposit since this is the only school I got into so far, but I am hoping to hear from others considering the bad reviews from past and current students.

  5. Hey jaytphan,

    I believe we were at the same interview today at 1:00pm. I was the girl in the bright cardigan. :)

    Hey guys!

    Those of you who are still waiting, I got called for an interview for the program today at 2:50pm pacific time. Did anyone else get called in for an interview? I live in California and requested if they could possible do a skype interview, but the lady who called said she will confirm with me tomorrow morning. At this moment, I am very uncertain about this program so I am unsure if I should even bother flying out if a skype interview is not acceptable. :(

  6. Hey everyone, congrats to everyone accepted!

    I will be applying to stony brook 1 and 2 year programs next year and just have 2 questions for all you accepted.

    If you don't mind me asking, what was your GPA in your science prereqs? And also, do any of you have volunteer experience in a medical setting? I heard that helps alot but since I work full-time its hard to find time to do that. i was wondering if it was considered like a requirement or just a recommendation for acceptance into the program.


    Hi Yankees252411,

    I have a 3.9 in my science prereqs. But with that being said, I repeated Chemistry. I was actually an SBU student for undergrad and took Chem there and didn't do so well in that class. After I graudated, I completed my Science prereqs. (along w/ chem) at a CUNY. My undergrad GPA was a 3.0. I didn't have any recent volunteer experience. Though it's been quite a view years since I've volunteered, I made sure I spoke about my experience in my personal statement like it was yesterday. It's not a requirement but it is recommended. I was in your situtation; working full-time didn't allow me to volunteer but, recent volunteer work will enchance your application.

    At their information session, they explained that your personal statement is the most important part of your application. So I would advise you to give that your all so that they can get a feel for the kind of individual you are.

  7. Hi Yourstruly_dm. Well, i do not know how much Drexel charges, but, time is money too. For example i was hoping to get into NYU accelerated program, so i can start my career a year earlier, that's if i can manage to get the tuition fees; either in loans or some other ways. It is your call. Do you want to start your career a year earlier or do you absolutely need to save the money!!

    I want to start my career yr a earlier. Drexel is 43K for the entire program. But I'll have to relocate to Philly for a yr, which isn't a big deal. And I've already paid both my tuition and housing deposits, and did all of my background checks, etc for Drexel. The only thing that's scaring me are the loans.

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    Just got an acceptance email as well.

    Hey superakarma,

    I was accepted as well. But now I'm torn between SBU and Drexel University 1 yr program in Philadelphia. I completed my undergrad at SBU but didn't do so well in my Science classes. I finished completing my prereqs. at a CUNY. I really had my heart set on a 1 yr program but SBU is a lot cheaper than Drexel. I really don't know what I should do.

  9. Hi guys,

    I was just accepted to Drexel's Fall 2013-2014 program. Can anyone tell me what they mean by a computer applications course? Thanks!

    It's an introductory level of a computer course. To be sure that Drexel accepts the course you're planning to take, you can always email a copy of the course description to the advisor.

  10. hey guys!

    I just applied for the Spring 2014 cohort and I have a question about sending transcripts. Do I need to send it with the transcript request form or can I just ask my college to send it directly to drexel? I am asking this because I don't live near that college anymore and would have to make a trip there if I need to send my transcript with the request form.

    Congrats on all the acceptances and best of luck to those that are still waiting! :)

    You can ask your college to send it directly to drexel. They should have an "order transcript online" link on their registrar's website. Most schools do.