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  1. Good Evening! I am in the first semester of my nursing program and already we are being asked to select our preceptorship locations. I would like to work in either an ED or Trauma department and am considering pediatric ED or trauma as well. Unfortunately, my school is not allowing us to select ED, trauma, or ICU units for our preceptorship. I am lost and a bit frustrated. Does anyone have suggestions as to another unit choice that may be helpful considering my goal in emergency nursing?

    Thank you!

  2. Hi All... I did ask about shoes and they must be closed toe with a back (no "clogs" ) leather and ALL white ... no colored logos at all (which I have noticed is harder to find than one would think) I ordered a pair of adidas cheer shoes (random I know but one of the reviews was actually from a nursing student who needed solid white for clinicals and she said she loves them!) ... they were about $40. For those of you who have gotten uniforms how was the sizing? I heard from students at FSU that they run big and you should order a size down.

  3. For any second time applicants I just learned (through my own investigating of finalncial aid ... not any notice recieved from CON) that my initial acceptance to FAU (from prior to application to the 2013 nursing program) is no longer valid. If you do not attend FAU for 3 semesters you need to reapply. I have done so and hopefully everything goes through in time. I just wanted to let everyone know in case there are other repeat applicants who were (like me) unaware they needed to reapply to FAU this year as well to become fully admitted

  4. Congratz to those accepted very happy for you guys!!! If anyone that just got accepted for May 2014 what was your cum gpa, science gpa and teas score, traditional or accelerated program, and how did you study for the teas and how long you studied the teas for. Any advice would be great!

    Hi! I was accepted for ABSN with a 3.3 cum, 3.9 sciences GPA and a 99th percentile TEAS. I studied for the TEAS using the ATI study guide (which I picked up in the library at the school where I was doing pre-reqs) and the ATI online practice tests (they were not cheap but so worth it). I took a practice test first the results provided actually direct you to the exact pages of the study guide you should review based on your results. The study guide itself is a bit overwhelming so I font recommend looking through it all... just focus on your rough areas. After reviewing all the material my results noted as weak areas I did another practice test and repeated the process. In between the ATI tests I did the same process using the Kaplan book of practices TEAS exams (test, lookup what I got wrong and make sure I understood it). Once my practice tests were consistently coming up with scores I liked and time to complete each section was on point I went on for my real test. I will say I really only did the over the course of about 2 weeks... but I say practice until you like your scores and then go for it! I found the TEAS to be a lot worse on my head than it was in reality. Good luck!

  5. Hi everyone! My heart goes out to those of you who did not make it this year... I was in the same position last year and made the choice to wait it out. Because I was looking for as much information as I could get my hands on to make that decision I thought I would share a few things I picked up along the way. Because I know this is the info I wanted to know most from those who got in ... my scores were 3.9 GPA and 99th TEAS (ABSN program). I have heard good things about PBSC and not so good things about Broward College (that said Broward's requirements are a bit easier to meet especially in regards to pre-req expirations for second degree students... pbsc has a 10 year expiration and bc has none. Broward also has a hybrid option which allows for a lot of courses to be completed online... which is pretty cool! Broward was my back up plan.). For accelerated programs I hear Barry has an amazing program and it is a bit easier to get into. I was accepted there last year but it is expensive! The admissions team was great to work with and very helpful! There is however a Baptist Health Scholarship program there similar to NSU which would definitely help the cost factor. You also have the option of doing your ASN at BC or PBSC and your RN to BSN transition at FAU so at the end of the day, you will end up with exactly the same degree as starting at FAU. I hope this is helpful to someone and wish you all the very best on your journey... remember nothing worth having ever comes easy :)

  6. So as I am sitting here reading The Help (it's amazing by the way) ... it has finally sunk in that I am nursing student now! Is anyone doing anything to prepare? I have heard there are a few student success guides that can be helpful but can no longer find the threads that list them.

  7. I made it! (My email came earlier today) so excited to start this journey with you all... for those who are still waiting don't loose hope! And remember no matter what happens you are amazingly talented to have made it this far and you will find your perfect success story. I didn't make it last year, I know it's hard, but everything happens for a reason!

  8. Hi All... so close... aahhh! I am going to reask a question since it seems folks are hopping back on to the thread. So part of my relaxing (because I am super crazy) is preparing my plan B ... Does anyone have any thoughts/opinions/experience with Broward College?

  9. Hey all! So starting to think about backups (panicking has officially set in... lol). Does anyone have any experience/knowledge about Bethesda College of Health Sciences in Boynton Beach? Any comparison to PBSC or BC. I will be looking at ASN options as a back up to FAU because the other BSN programs (Nova, Barry etc...) are way out of my budget.

  10. So I know this is jumping the gun a little but I am panicking a little ... Does anyone know for certain the ABSN orientation date? I am out of the country on April 5th ... scheduled a vacation based on the April 11th date. Because this was my second time around I just went straight to the application page to check for dates/changes and never even looked at overview until you all mentioned the discrepancy here... eeek!

  11. Definitely glad the process is now over on our end... although the waiting game will be torturous at least there is nothing left we need to do... as Dr. D. told our interview group... we are all well achieved individuals and should be proud no matter what the outcome is... of course... I hope its a positive one for us all!

  12. Thanks again for the guidance Dr. D. For those who are frustrated I will attest to the fact that FAU was great in guiding me after my denial last year. In fact Dr. D personally emailed and met with me. I have met with administrators at several other schools... despite some minor administrative ooopsies (like the duplicate fau acceptances sent) and potential limits on counseling opportunities (there are after all so many of us and so few members of the CON admissions team) there really is no other school that has been as compassionate and engaged with applicants ... hence I declined other admissions last year to hold out for another try at FAU and am very anxious right now! Best of luck all!


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