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  1. sugargrovefarm

    Help for an up coming interview

    I just accepted the offer today (they finally called, what a crazy two weeks of waiting!). Do you have any advise for giving notice? It will be the first time I have to give notice as a professional.
  2. sugargrovefarm

    Resignation help

    I just accepted a position in a new palliative care unit. I now have to give notice to my current employer. This will be the first time ever that I have had to give notice as a professional. All my previous jobs were shorterm or part time minimum wage jobs. My current job was my first nursing job after graduation. I want to be as professional as possible. I never told my employer that I was even looking for a new job. And the new position won't start until Sept (it's a brand new unit). I've been there for 5 years and can easily give them 4 more weeks and help train my replacement. Any advice? All is welcome.
  3. sugargrovefarm

    Help for an up coming interview

    Oh I'll be accepting the job. Inpatient Hospice is my dream job. And this company is a very good company to work for. Thank you again for all the information. I'll be starting my HPNA membership soon and reviewing the materials. The unit won't open till Sept/Oct. So I have time to review. Thanks again nutella =)
  4. sugargrovefarm

    Help for an up coming interview

    Just for an update, I interviewed today and have been recommended for the position! I will get a call in a week or so with an offer.
  5. sugargrovefarm

    Help for an up coming interview

    Wow! Thank you! This is very good information. I have been reading the hospice threads here to get a good feel for the field. But I admit my nerves have been getting to me. You just don't know what you don't know. So I took a chance and posted this. Thanks again!
  6. sugargrovefarm

    Help for an up coming interview

    I applied for a position to a new inpatient hospice unit. I passed the initial interview with the DON. Now I am meeting a group of seasoned Hospice and Oncology nurses for a peer review. My experience has been in LTC/SNF. As they are looking for hospice experience I am worried that I don't have enough pallative care experience ( I work mostly on the rehab unit) and I have no Oncology experience. I am greatful for the opportunity to even sit down with these nurses. I really want this job! Any advise is welcome! Thanks!
  7. sugargrovefarm

    What's the weirdest thing management has said to you?

    Three things come to mind: First, ALL of our meetings are on payday at 1:30P. If the meeting is described as "Mandatory" all nursing staff are required to attend, including 3rd shift staff. As a third shift nurse I have had to frequently work both the night before and the night of these meetings and drag myself into these meetings losing precious sleep time. At one meeting it was said by our DON, "I don't know why 3rd shift nurses can't make it to our meetings." Really? How about we start having meetings at 1:30A and see how many 1st shift nurses and management attend? Second, I had the privilege of being "called out" at a meeting, though not by name, because a resident at my LTCF crawled out of bed and hit their head. Picture this for me. This resident had full padded side rails. They proceeded to to crawl out of bed at the foot of said bed. They were a max 2 assist d/t weakness and inability to bear full weight. There was a clearance of 4 feet btn the foot of the bed and the wall. The wall is what they hit their head on, evidenced by blood smear. This same resident had already fell at our facility the day of admission. They had a PA and where on 15 min checks. During one of our "Mandatory" meetings my DON said that there should have been a floor mat placed "by" the Res bed. Yep, a floor mat would have prevented that fall! Right... Third, again at a meeting the discussion of staff calling in sick was brought up by our DON. She said, "Are you all washing your hands? I just don't know where all this sickness is coming from. We don't have any sick residents. You must not be washing your hands enough." To put this in context, less than two weeks prior to this meeting, one wing of our LTCF was quarantined d/t vomiting and nausea.