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    Raising a family as a NP or an RN?

    Hello, I am currently a senior in a BSN program and will be finishing in May. I have applied to a few Pediatric Nurse Practitioner programs (both Masters and DNP) and am in the process of discerning what path is right for me. I have been accepted into one excellent but expensive program, but am still keeping my options open. I would like to be an NP someday and plan on working as an RN during the 4+ years of graduate school. During nursing school I have really enjoyed the bedside care and spending time with my patients. Any advice is welcomed, my main question for you all is which role (NP or RN) is more conducive to raising a family? I hope to be home with my kids as much as possible especially while they are young. Being a mom is my number one priority so if becoming an NP would jeopardize that, I will not do it. What are the hours like for both? If I was to be an NP, would the work come home with me? Thank you!