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    Scholarships in exchange for service at local hospitals

    Thank you guys for the information! I think I will start calling local hospitals and explain my situation. I would LOVE to work at one until and during school, with or without the scholarship. Working there prior to school seems to be the best bet for any chance at getting assistance this way. I appreciate all of the replies. Thanks again!
  2. Hello, I am starting my BSN program in April 2012. The out of pocket cost is quite high and I would appreciate any insights into obtaining scholarships in exchange for service at local hospitals. Has anyone/is anyone doing this? 1. Are you guaranteed a job with this hospital once you graduate? 2. What happens if there are no jobs? 3. Can you get this scholarship even if you are not an RN? I went into the BSN program with no certification at all. So I will not be a nurse until I graduate in 2 more years. 4. Are you paid regularly once you begin your work to fulfill your requirements? 5. How do I even go about finding these opportunities? Does anyone know any in Tampa that I can look into? Thank you so much for any information!