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  1. doxielover304

    Low Gpa, help what should i do?

    Either retake certain classes you didn't do great in, or take some easy classes and get A's in them
  2. doxielover304


    There's no helping your case. Thigh sweat is infectious [emoji15]
  3. doxielover304

    First day of clinicals Tuesday

    Just relax. Try to find things to do. Volunteer to do things. Try to learn and get your hands on as much as you can. Don't be too nervous bc you won't be by yourself. You're not going to do any harm. :) good luck!!!!
  4. doxielover304

    You know your nurse brain is still at work when....

    When you still hear call lights go off when you get home!
  5. doxielover304

    I feel like nursing school didn't prepare me for work

    I just started my first RN job and I feel clueless too. You are not the only one. You'll learn though, just keep telling yourself that!
  6. doxielover304

    Two job offers, unsure which one to choose

    I'd take the L&D job in a heartbeat but that's just me. I loved my L&D clinicals
  7. doxielover304

    YouTube nclex videos

    EmpoweRN does NCLEX practice question videos
  8. doxielover304

    Test Shut off at 75 and I know I failed

    You probably passed... I passed at 85 and I was like you... I literally left thinking I got maybe 5 right. Stay positive. Even if you failed, you can take it again :) that's what I kept telling myself before I took the exam. Best of luck to you!
  9. doxielover304

    Need job advice

    I just got my first job as an RN at a hospital. It seems like the charting is so confusing and overwhelming. It feels like I'll never get the hang of it. How long does it take to really learn the charting system?! I know every facility is different, but in general, how long does it take? Thanks.
  10. doxielover304

    Need new job advice

    I just got my first job as an RN at a hospital. How long does it take to learn the charting system? I know not every facility
  11. doxielover304

    Problem with nurses as pct. Should I just quit?

    I would try to find a new job. That's a nasty-sounding environment. You don't need that stress. If you're truly doing your best at work and getting that kind of treatment in return, I would leave. Best of luck
  12. doxielover304

    How many questions did you pass the NCLEX with?

    85 or 86
  13. 50/50 chance. Good luck
  14. doxielover304

    How to build confidence as a student nurse?

    I was the same exact way during my first semester. By my last semester, I was much more confident in clinical! You'll get there!!
  15. doxielover304

    Taking nckex RN 2nd time in one month! HELP PLEASE :(

    Kaplan qbank questions!
  16. You won't know meds that well until you work as a nurse once you graduate