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  1. ottawaRN

    NTI 2016 - Nurses in Search of Pens and Other Freebies

    .....and I thought I was the only one who had an unusual proclivity towards pens. That is the best part about going to the conferences well besides the CEU dinners, and the learning and the networking. Thanks for making me seem normal now
  2. ottawaRN

    Should I be a nurse with G.A.D?

    Hi jortiz I am writing in response to your question about nursing specifically NICU nursing.. It is very stressful and at times heartbreaking and emotionally draining. You see parents who put everything into having a baby and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I suggest perhaps you try for a Nicu stepdown for instance the hospital where I worked as a tech in the NICU for 14 years before becoming a nurse had two other units with the NICU we were a level III tertiary center where we could transport babies to a higher level of care primarily ECMO that were for feeder growers[my favorite part of the unit], and the SCN where it was overflow for the feeder/growers, and term infants that needed anitbiotics or learn how to eat I too wanted to be a NICU NP but then discovered the care and compassion in the field of oncology and now that is where I am obtaining my MSN-DNP, to be an practicing oncology nurse practitioner, and be able to teach nurses as well. i hope that this gives you a little insight into NICU and helps you make your decision.