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  1. I am a brand new ER nurse, fresh out of nursing school and still in training. Last night an ambulance brought in a 6 month old with a croupy cough. Medics said the kid looked good, had a mild cough, but was non-labored. I saw him briefly before I registered him into the computer and he looked okay. Sating 100% on simple oxy mask, good color, etc. Then about 3 mins later, the tech who was getting his vitals screamed at me to call the RT. When I ran in there, the kid was blue and retracting. We got the whole team in there, established IO's, IV's, at attempted intubation. After multiple unsuccessful intubation attempts we kept him at a high flow oxygen mask and he was later trached in the OR and transferred to a pediatric hospital. This was my first pediatric code and it was very scary. I still feel nauseated thinking about it. Kids can turn so quickly. Does anyone have any advice on dealing with pediatric codes?