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  1. New BSN grad here, applying for jobs. It seems virtually impossible to find a job description that provides a salary range, but some places require a requested salary from the applicant. Google has not been helpful as salaries range greatly based on location, experience, and care setting. I am looking at outpatient settings, primarily. Private practices.
  2. Dreaming2

    Where can a new grad nurse work outside of the hospital?

    Did you start there as a new nurse? What kinds of things does a health department nurse do?
  3. I am about to graduate with my BSN and I really, really don't want to work in a hospital. I've done some research, but I haven't really found alternatives for new grads. Does anyone have experience with this or suggestions?
  4. Dreaming2

    New Grad Nurse Residency Programs

    I am writing a cover letter to apply to a nurse residency program, but I'm not sure to what extent I should tailor it to the unit I'm interested in. I really want to be in MotherBaby/L&D/Obstetrics and that's what most of my extracurriculars revolve around, but I don't know whether it's a perceived strength or weakness to be set on a unit already. Are Residency Programs pretty general, or are you likely to focus on a field or end up in that field afterward?