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    New RN, BSN needs advice please

    I graduated in May 2012 with my BSN. I studied right after graduating and took my boards in JUly and passed. I got let go of my CNA job because I was now overqualified and there were no RN positions available at the time. After 3 months of unemployment, 100 job applications and two hospital interviews I finally decided to try nursing homes. I got hired at a really big company nursing home that employs over 800 workers. Great facility with great benefits. They asked if I wanted to work in long term or step down care. I said I would like to start in long term care to get my "feet wet" and used to the computer and paperwork. I have now been working for three months and I feel so slow. Somedays I struggle to get my last med pass done. I work second shift. I feel like I am still trying to learn my paperwork and which med orders require consent forms. Let alone I haven't even had enough time to learn to complete monthly assessments. I am only three days a week with no room to pick up shifts unless I get trained on another floor or another shift. I know I am not ready yet. I plan to work another 3 months and then ask to be trained on a transitional care floor we have. My plan would be to work on the transitional floor for 6 months and then look for hospital jobs. My main concerns are that I still feel like I am too slow and should know more. I feel like I am losing my knowledge I learned from school the longer I am in long term care. I feel like my supervisor won't take a chance and place me on a transitional care floor if I can't even keep up with the RNs and LPNs on the long term care floor. Also, do I stay at this facility for longer than a year if they have opportunity to apply for loan repayment after working that long or apply to hospitals? I would feel guilty to apply and take the money for loans and the apply for another job at a hospitAl. Advice is greatly appreciated, A RN with 3 months experience that needs more hours