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  1. danglee21

    Can I continue as an RN Extern after NCLEX?

    I plan to talk to my current manager this week. I was trying to keep me going to another department on the downlow until everything was finalized.
  2. I currently work on a med surg unit as an RN Extern- Nursing student. I graduated from nursing school last week and am scheduled to take my NCLEX mid April. I have an RN position in the works With another department but was told my start date would likely not be until mid May. My question is... Does anyone know or can lead me to documentation on if I Can I still work on my current unit as an Extern even after I pass my NCLEX until my start date as an RN in another department? Ive heard conflicting information and can't find it documented. I work in SE Michigan for the St. John providence system.
  3. danglee21

    Macomb Community College Nursing 2013

    See it is close, but not as close as I thought it could be. I was 3.35 and 90 Hesi. I wonder how they figure it out if there is a tie for last the last seat... who do they put as an alternate and who gets the last spot? lol
  4. danglee21

    Macomb Community College Nursing 2013

    Im curious if you know what your friend's gpa and hesi score was... Im the second alternate and just want to see how close the scores are by the 160 cutoff point.
  5. danglee21

    Macomb Community College Nursing 2013

    Thanks! Im pretty pumped to be the 2nd alternate. Although it was bitter sweet when I opened the letter because I was only 2 away to being In for good, but still kinda felt like the 2nd loser... lol. Im just excited to go to orientation and get this ball rolling :)
  6. danglee21

    Macomb Community College Nursing 2013

    Why didn't I find this sooner?!! Hi Guys, My Name is Danielle. I was accecpted as an alternate. I was ranked 162, so that means I am the second alternate, which I think is pretty promising that I'll get in. I do have a couple questions if anyone knows.... 1. If someone drops from the August Start date group, does that spot open up to people in the October, Januay and March start date groups first and then the alternates, or once students are registered for their particular start dates and someone drops from august, would the alternates jump in? 2.If any earlier start date than January or March are offered to an alternate, do they have to take it, or can they wait until January? I have all my Classes done for MCC's program but I would like totake the fall semester to get all my prereqs done for my BSN program I plan to take once I graduate from MCC, so I would prefer to wait until January, but obviously I would not want to lose an open spot if it came down to that. 3. Does anyone know typically how many alternates get in each year, and how much of a notice they get? I need to prepare myself! I was so relieved to get the letter just to know that the wait was finally over, I knew it would be a close call for me bc I had a low grade in A&P, but I recieved no relief from the letter, becuase I am stilll waiting! lol thanks!!

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