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  1. debarose


    It depends on the school and its specific requirements. Since I don't know what school you are applying to how can I answer your question?
  2. debarose

    How to handle a verbally abusive MD

    Funny how you mention that I have seen plenty of foreign doctors that come into our LTC and think they are some sort of Greek God or something! You may want to just look for a different scenery!
  3. debarose

    Houston... We have a situation here

    But stuff happens...I always wanted to go the home health route thanks for giving me an overview on what to expect. Kuddos for handling this well.
  4. debarose

    What is My Family Thinking?

    I would just brush this off! Its really frustrating when family members fail to understand the bigger picture.
  5. debarose

    Attention All LVN/LPN Students!

    Hi Barbara, I will be starting my LVN school again from September, since I didn't make it the first time around. I will definitely be keeping in touch. Thank You So Much! In the meantime while I wait I am marrying A&P, and Dosage Calculations!...
  6. debarose

    Good thoughts please!

    Awesome! Congrats!
  7. debarose

    Going back to school for Nursing

    I am an adult though not with any kids, I can totally understand. I am going the LVN route for right now. I passed my HESI and got accepted. I am going to a private college as WorkSource and their Financial Aid is paying for the whole tuition. Then t...
  8. debarose

    Fortis College LVN program

    I am attending Fortis. I will start from April of this year. What can I expect?
  9. debarose

    Who do nurses make more than?

    Hey Amber your best bet will be to get a RN! ( BSN-to RN) but as you know NURSES with higher degrees is where the money is. Just like a nurse with a one year degree vs a nurse with a Bachelors. There is a difference in pay. I have many friends that...
  10. debarose

    Anyone failed nursing school and went back and was successful?

    As a 33 year old adult going back to school I am terrified . I have always struggled. I have never been a very good student. But I keep my hopes up and my head high. Yes the LVN program will be very difficult for me but its not impossible. I have to ...
  11. I am in my early thirties and am finishing up my prereqs at San Jacinto College. I love how this site encourages people to achieve their dreams. I am scared as I am a older adult going back to school with those teens but I have to be a nurse. I alway...