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limaRN has 3 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in ICU/CCU/CVICU.

I started out in the ICU as a new-grad nurse in NH. I have worked there since July 2010 and obtained my CCRN certification in Oct. 2011, CSC in Jan. 2013. Currently in CRNA school.

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  1. limaRN

    6 months into CSICU..

    Don't do 3 days in a row. This sounds exactly like the unit I just worked in for the last 3 yrs.
  2. limaRN

    CSC Exam

    Agreed. After taking it I realized I went a little overboard with the studying but I thought it would be a good review and learned some new info.
  3. limaRN

    How old were you when you started CRNA school?

  4. limaRN

    Gifts vs. bribes...is there a line?

    You did the right thing. I feel that it's inappropriate to take money from pts or family. If you happen to run into her just say that you appreciate the gesture but its against company policy. I've been offered money before as well but have adamantly declined. If people feel they should give something say that we always appreciate cards, a note to our managers, and always food to the entire unit as a gift if they feel the need! But I wouldn't stress about it. If somebody had found out and you didn't tell it could've gotten messy.
  5. limaRN

    "I am sorry - I refuse to float to Peds!"

    Just got asked to float to the peds unit tonight. I'm an adult ICU nurse. I know nothing about peds!!! I said no way!
  6. limaRN

    Not qualified for CCRN will CMC certificate work?

    I believe you need to have your CCRN or other clinical nursing specialty (such as PCCN, etc) in order to get a subspecialty certification such as the CSC or CMC. I think that is what you're asking anyway. Your post is a little unclear. If you go on the AACN website it will state the requirements to be able to sit for the CCRN and CMC exams.
  7. limaRN

    Saying no when work calls

  8. limaRN

    Picc line question

  9. limaRN

    Terrible Medication Error

    Take a deep breath. I have made a pretty bad error as well and I know how you're feeling. It's a lonely, guilty, sick to your stomach kind of a feeling. The pt was eventually ok and that is what matters. You were honest and owned up to it which is very difficult. You are not a bad nurse, you are human. It will get better with time. Just keep your head high!
  10. To be clear I gave the 20 meq of k over about 1/2 hour and was surprised that nothing happened. Yes you are correct the pt would not have pvc's I was wrong about that. I was surprised that their heart did not stop/ they did not have rhythm changes from getting kcl too fast. I always make an RN go and double check my drips now and if they don't really look at it I get someone else. It's easy to make a mistake when things are moving fast.
  11. So I feel like mine are so much worse than these! But here goes: I had a post-op CABG pt and have 20 meq of kcl via the central line. I got distracted and programmed the iv pump as an antibiotic and have the kcl at 100 ml/ hr when it was supposed to be given at 50ml/ hr. I realized it when the bag was almost empty. I did ask another nurse to double check it but they apparently missed it too. The pt was fine however. Not even a PVC worth if ectopy! The next one is a little more embarrassing. I had a pt that had a sternal wound infection being irrigated. I was trying to change the dressing around the tiny irrigation catheter and accidentally slit the catheter. The surgeon was ****** and yelled at me in front of everyone. The pt had to go back to the OR and have the catheter replaced. I felt like such a loser that day.
  12. limaRN

    Dreaming About Work

    These are awful! I had a dream that my pt stood and ripped his IABP out and started exsanguinating everywhere!!
  13. limaRN

    Have you ever performed CPR? Results?:

    I've done CPR many times; I work in the ICU. It really depends on why the person is coding as to whether they'll make it or not. For example the numerous septic, MODS patients on high dose pressors who've been declining for days/ weeks usually don't make it. The lady I coded who had a AAA rupture.. Did not make it. However, I have seen several that have. A therapeutic hypothermia pt who got stents in the cath lab coded in the ICU and made it. He did fine neurologically which was extremely rewarding. I remember because he came back the the ICU briefly but ended up doing fine and transferring out. It was nice to see him walking/ talking. The lady that I had who was talking to me and needed to go to the cath lab coded- we shocked her once and she came out of the vtach. I must say it was an extremely unique experience to explain to a pt that they just coded and have them awake and talking again. She ended up doing fine and transferring out.
  14. limaRN

    Resume help!

    I'm not sure what you're asking... Are you looking for a resume template or are you asking if that is suitable experience?
  15. limaRN

    Homemade Saline?

    Shouldn't you be using sterile saline to clean wounds? This would not be possible to make at home. I don't work home health but this policy doesn't seem to make any sense.