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  1. zahryia

    How to learn Hedis in order to apply for jobs

    How's it going with the new job?
  2. zahryia

    CPHQ without much experience ?

    You should do fine, but I would offer to participate in real world PI projects. Ultimately, there's no sense in having a cert with no experience.
  3. zahryia

    Don't want a full time job, but wait..,

    Will you be happy at the desk job? Will the extra 15k dramatically change your lifestyle? If no, don't do it. You stopped working full time for a reason.
  4. zahryia

    Not all nurses wear scrubs

    ^^Or a quality nurse.
  5. zahryia

    What is a reasonable new grad offer?

    Whoa! That's a pretty good offer. Am I missing something here?
  6. zahryia

    CDE Consultant, how/where to start

    1. Become a Medicaid provider. 2. Approach managed care organizations to offer health education classes to the Latino population. 3. Join forces with the ADA to do consultant work.
  7. zahryia

    consumer directed Services

    Wow. I was just doing research on this today! Let's talk offline. Even though we're in different states, I think we can support each other.
  8. zahryia


    it's funny you say that I was thinking they're probably should be, since we're getting more more PMHMPs on this board. So while there's no designated location, there are various PMHNP threads.
  9. zahryia

    Those with ADN, not BSN- finding jobs? (Maryland)

    You should be fine. If in Baltimore area, try to work as tech at Hopkins after 1st semester in nursing school.
  10. zahryia

    Should I resign, or be suspended?

    OP, any updates?
  11. zahryia

    Undermined by administration

  12. zahryia

    Weather Policy

  13. zahryia

    Weather Policy

    For those live on the Midwest out other snowy areas, don't compare your situation with the rest of the country. There are states that may experience snow ocasionally or no more than a few inches at a time. These areas are not equipped for snow removal like other states (i.e. Carolinas, Georgia, even DC at times). So it's nice to exchange war stories about how you drove through a 6 foot snow block in your Toyota Camry, but that's what you're used to! I'd be giving you the side eye if you didn't know how to drive in snow.
  14. zahryia

    GN to NP in <1yr

    I think the real name is Dr. Anger.....kidding....at least I think am.