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  1. jayb1zzl3

    Night shift nurses...help!!!

    Ok my night shifters, I have a question for all of you, how do you stay healthy while working the night shift? I gained 13 lbs since I started working the night shift as a new grad in April. Before I started working the night shift, I would go to the gym 3-4 times a week, meal prep my meals but since I started working nights I have no time for either cause A) I'm too tired or B) Catching up on my sleep. PLEASE HELP WITH IDEAS!!
  2. jayb1zzl3

    St. Rose New Grad Cohort October 2015

    Anyone heard anything? I interviewed last week, manager offered me the position after the interview. Now I'm just waiting for HR to call
  3. jayb1zzl3

    Timeline for endorsing RN license to CA

    I plan on being in CA in a couple of weeks and want to do the LiveScan process to get the fingerprints done. I noticed that on the LiveScan forms there is a space for a CA driver's license. The question probably has been asked already but what did you guys put there? Did you guys leave it blank? I've called the BRN numerous times to ask thosse question and I'm either put on hold or told to call back due to high call volumes. Thank you guys in advance!
  4. How long did you study for? I'm 4 weeks out from taking my test is that plenty of time?
  5. jayb1zzl3

    How many questions to do before NCLEX?

    Hey guys! I just scheduled my NCLEX today and was wondering if I can get some advice from my fellow nurses. First I want to tell you want I plan on doing to prepare myself. I purchased Kaplan on-demand and reviewing and watching all the videos. Hopefully I can start doing the qbank and qtrainers soon. For those that did Kaplan, did you guys watch all the videos? Or just did all the qbanks and qtrainers? I purchased the LaCharity Book and Lippincott's Alternative Format questions books. I've heard through multiple individuals that these books are awesome! I also purchased NCLEX mastery app for my iphone to do questions while I'm on the go or at work. Any input for you guys will help! Thank you in advance! Wish me luck!
  6. jayb1zzl3

    Anatomy & Physiology Pilot Exam

    I took both the A&P and Microbiology test in the summer of 2012 and passed, i entered the program in spring 2013 and currently a 3rd semester at CSN. I studied my old notes and got various study guides from amazon.
  7. jayb1zzl3

    CSN RN Spring 2013

    Wow, so much conversation has gone on since I logged on! I feel like I'm missing out! Is anyone taking the toolbox course? I remember the lady telling us when we picked up paperwork not to register for any classes and wait till the 9th. I wonder if that includes the toolbox class everyone is talking about. @SunshineDaisy Regarding uniforms, does our shoes have to be all white? I want to find comfortable shoes, and was wondering if they have to be a certain color. Thanks!
  8. jayb1zzl3

    CSN RN Spring 2013

    [quote=christina731;7013019 We should all wear name tags with our all nurses names on them to orientation so we all know who we are
  9. jayb1zzl3

    CSN RN Spring 2013

    From what I heard from friends from other nursing programs, ATI is a series of nursing modules where we learn nursing skills, like sterile technique, inserting a foley, etc. They will probably use it as a learning tool for us to use while in the program. You can also take practice exams and what not. I know for a fact there is an exit exam with ATI when we are done with the program, we cannot take NCLEX until we pass the ATI exit exam. On another note, how many of you are looking to purchase insurance? Anyone have any insight on which one to purchase? Thanks in advance! And I'll see all of you on the 9th!
  10. jayb1zzl3

    CSN RN Spring 2013

    I'll probably pick up my packet first thing at 1230 since I'm off from school and work. I told my work that I got accepted and they were happy for me but at the same time sad cause I won't be able to work as much. On another note, is anyone NOT going to take the Nurs 285 class? I feel pretty comfortable with med dosing since I'm a Pharm. Tech but with care plans not so much. I'm might just end up taking it anyways.
  11. jayb1zzl3

    CSN RN Spring 2013

    finally got the call too! I'm in! Full time program! See you guys at orientation
  12. jayb1zzl3

    CSN RN Spring 2013

    Still waiting patiently for the call...I can hear the clock ticking...its killing me!!! haha