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  1. Indomitable

    Life After Med/Surg

    I left Med/Surg after 1.5 years and transferred into the ICU. I enjoy the critical thinking but I work Telemetry often just because I miss the patient education and different illnesses on the floor. Sometimes I miss my patients talking to me and other times I wish they were silent. I get a good mix floating between but types of floors and I'm happy doing both.
  2. Indomitable

    CCRN review group in Dallas

    I am beginning to start studying for the CCRN and I wanted to know if there are any study groups in the Dallas area or if you may be interested in starting one. I plan on taking the test in 3-4 months. I'm not looking for weekly meetings but something flexible as I work nights and travel. Reply if interested. Thanks
  3. I have been a travel RN,BSN over 2 years now in Med-Surg/Tele/ICU. I am looking for insight about per-diem agencies that have a high pay rate and contract with the major hospitals in the Dallas Metroplex. I am not opposed to the smaller hospitals if the rate is higher. I make $41-43 and want to know if any agency is paying higher then that. If so what specialty, years of exp neccessary, shift diffs, benefits ( esp 401K) and hospitals do they staff? I am aware of Parallon but I don't know the rates.
  4. Indomitable

    Tax Advantage Program-Need explanation

    Has anyone owed taxes end of year from the "tax-advantage" program?
  5. Indomitable

    What is the real deal with Trustaff???

    I am on my third assignment with Trustaff and I like them. It's all in who your recruiter is. A good one will fight for you and keep in contact with you all the time.