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  1. Faeriewand

    California's 2011 New Grad Program

    Several from my graduating class last year just got new grad jobs so there is hope if you have been waiting for a job for a year! :) I'm so happy for them. They are ADN nurses too, not BSN.
  2. Faeriewand

    Ucsd new graduate nurse program summer 2011

    You could get answers if you posted on the thread under the California forum for New grad 2011. There are many posts under that thread and UCSD is under discussion there as are all new grad programs in CA. :)
  3. Yup! I'm taking my first class there now. :) It is legit because it is WASC accredited. I'm with students who are going for their MSN and others like me getting the BSN or other Bachelors Degree. And because it is WASC accredited, if I decide to transfer to any state college, my classes would be accepted. They are on an 8week format so the classes are accelerated. The students know the format and they are not slackers. Most have a previous degree.
  4. Faeriewand

    Chance of ADN to get a Hospital Job?

    nalaa I do think you have a good chance of being hired in a hospital upon graduation because of that previous degree you have. In San Diego we have a glut of new grads and many BSN programs. Those of us who graduated from the Community Colleges are at a disadvantage. But its nice to hear when my classmates get hired into new grad programs. So there is hope! Many from my class are working as nurses now and many of those are working in hospitals and its just been one year since graduation.
  5. Faeriewand

    Online NP programs in California

    United States University offers online Nursing and has FNP program. Not sure how much you do online and how much you do in class however, but I know many classes there are offered online. You would have to call them though to see how much is online for FNP.
  6. The school is awesome!!! I just love the new campus and the location. The class I'm enrolled in is great and the teacher really engages us. Class size is small with about 15 students so I'm not overwhelmed by being in a sea of students. We are expected to participate in class discussions and the teacher really picks our brains and makes us think! I love it! Hoping others can post on here as well regarding their experiences with US University.
  7. I'm on to do my RN-BSN so here goes. You are going to cry at a Case Study?!? Seriously?!? Yes I know it was real what happened and tragic but it won't help that patient that died years ago or her family. You were suppose to learn the lesson why the lawsuit went forth and that they won and how many nurses were fired over it so you won't ever do that when you are a nurse. Crying over it doesn't help. To the rest of the students in my class. Thank you for laughing with me when it was suppose to be the end of the world! You made jokes, we shared posts from FB. We had such a good time last Saturday. :) Class was a riot! I think you are all so great, smart, funny etc. I wish nursing school the first time around was like this and with people like all of you. I intend to absorb as much of your energy as I can! Haha :)
  8. If there had been a points system when I was doing my pre-reqs, I would have tried to get all A's. I didn't bother because I knew I didn't need it. vegas2009 is right. This points system is long overdue. Those with the top grades get in. Others have been doing this for quite some time. When I was in the program at City College it was really tough. They lost a lot of people. In implementing the points system, City College hopes to have the kind of students who can tough out the program and stick to the end. That's the main goal. Kudos to the CA CC's!
  9. Faeriewand

    States with Real Nursing Shortages?

    If there are several schools in town, then there will be no nursing shortage in that area. Would like to hear where there really are shortages though because I'm curious. :)
  10. Faeriewand

    What does DNR mean for the caregiver?

    Great question with a lot of good answers already. Like other posters said, check with your agency. Also, ask if the patient is on hospice.
  11. I am officially enrolled in United States University and looking for other students on here who are enrolled as well and can tell me about their experience. Looks like the cost for my degree will be $13,000 and my enrollment advisor said I can graduate in 14 months if I continue to go full time. :) Cal State San Marcos is $14,500 right now so I'm happy. I will be starting on the new campus in May. Just trying to get this thread going.
  12. Faeriewand

    Are advertising scrubs next?

  13. Faeriewand

    7 wks pregnant, offered 36 hr night position

    Good luck at your interview! :)
  14. I would definitely let my clinical instructor know. And if she starts looking in charts of patients not assigned to her, couldn't you just say out loud for everyone at the nurses station to hear, "Wait, that's not your patient, isn't that a Hippa violation? Looking in the chart of a patient that is not yours? The hospital could get big fines for that." or something along those lines? And perhaps mention how four nurses were fired at that Arizona Hospital where Giffords is a patient because they looked at her chart and she wasn't their patient. (Every time there is an incident like that, our NM has a meeting about Hippa violation and do not look into any patient's electronic record/chart because they will know and then come to you and yes you will be fired if you cannot explain why you looked at their record.) Well stay strong and just know that you will be a better nurse! :)
  15. Faeriewand

    Time to renew license

    So when you renew, you don't have to turn in your CEU's unless your audited? Is that how it goes? I'm up for renewal in August and have been collecting my certificates. Also, I'm a member of ANA so they have plenty of free stuff on their website.