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estrellaCR has 2 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in OB, Pediatrics, Maternal/Child Health.

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  1. estrellaCR

    For anyone still looking for work - IT'S POSSIBLE

    Hello. Congrats! I been applying to Mt Sinai since 2012 when i graduated. However only recently they hire me since I now have 2 plus years experience in hospital. I was hired into a specialty that I have not worked in. So it's a type of new beginning. My orientation will be Feb 29 also. What specialty area are you in?
  2. estrellaCR

    New Grad BSN-RN, no work exp. NEED GUIDANCE!

    Look on craigslist jobs in the healthcare section and also on idealist.org. There are jobs posted for clinics, LTC, allergy medical offices, non profits, rehab centers, homecare, etc. With these your resume goes straight to the manager without the electronic resume scanning that hospitals have. On craigslist and idealist , smaller companies post so more likely to get a call back than with large hospitals.
  3. estrellaCR

    Brooklyn per diem for new grad BSN

    Look on craigslist jobs in the healthcare section and also on idealist.org . There are jobs posted for clinics, LTC, allergy medical offices, non profits, homecare, etc. These your resume goes straight to the manager without the electronic resume scanning that hospitals have. More likely to get a call back this way.
  4. estrellaCR

    No experience

    new grad jobs are hard to find because there are so many schools putting out new grads every semester. Plus if you are a foreign grad it's even more difficult due to the HR not wanting to deal with equivalence of a foreign RN program to a US program if you have zero experience. Look on craigslist jobs in the healthcare sections. There are jobs posted for clinics, LTC, allergy medical offices, etc. These your resume goes straight to the manager without the electronic resume scanning that hospitals have. More likely to get a call back this way.
  5. Achieveanything....I work for an HHC and no they do not recruit nurses from the Philippines. Sponsoring visas is expensive...any Philippine nurses you see are likely already in the USA for years (back in the 90s, HHCs did heavily recruit from the Philippines due to nursing shortage here in USA) and already have experience and green cards/citizenship in the US. I work with Philippine nurses that can easily be thought to be new arrivals as they speak to each other in their language and stick together in groups...however they been here for over 15 years.
  6. estrellaCR

    New Grad Event at New York Presbytarian

    LM NY, you will not be considered a new grad. You was a new grad when you finished the ADN. You can still app to NYP when you get a BSN however they will not consider you for any "New Grad" program but instead for a regular staff nurse job. A new grad is someone that graduated in the semester of application (Winter, Spring, Or Fall) and has no RN experience.
  7. estrellaCR

    New Grad Salary in NYC

    And also...the higher you get paid...they more taxes they take out so salary differences are not very significant after taxes. Sucks but its true. And living costs here are higher every year...rent is getting ridiculous.
  8. estrellaCR

    New Grad Salary in NYC

    Salary varies by facility. ..city hospitals pay less but benefits are what draws more people to them. As a new grad....its very rare you will have a choice of hospitals that wan hire...so whatever you get go there and also...dont try to negotiate salary...hospitals will on do that if you have experience. But if you need extensive orientation as new grads do...hospitals are already losing money since you dont get your own patients til two months into orientation.
  9. estrellaCR

    ADN nurses NYC

    As an employee of HHC hospital....ASN are no longer hired unless they have experience and in a BSN program. Even city hospitals which pay less than big private hospitals require /prefer BSN. And theres no shortage of BSN grads in NYC. I have no idea why ASN programs still exist when most of their graduates have to spend more money by going to a BSN program before they are even considered for a job. All ASN schools care is making money and as long as students still enroll thinking they can get a job with an ASN these schools still operate.
  10. estrellaCR

    Keep getting automatic rejections. Getting discouraged

    I would advise you to search Google for emails of nurse recruiters of hospitals/facilities that your are interested in and sending them an email letting them know you are interested, etc. Any particular part of FL? I would not advise walking onto a floor and asking for a nurse manager unless you have some connection to the hospital (had clinical there, internship, relative works there, etc) or you was able to reach a NM by email and she invited you to come in. NM and HR do not appreciate random strangers walking in for purpose of job seeking and taking time out of their already busy day...however if you find a hospital or facility in an area of real "nursing shortage" this may work out. But to be safe do not walk in with resume uninvited. In NYC and big cities in the east coast this will just get u a "you are supposed to apply online" and eye roll from HR and security does not let people up to the floors unless you have appointment or visiting a patient that's in the hospital and give his/her name. Google search "hospital name" "nurse recruiter" "email" and if you know the ending of the email then even easier just add @hospitalsname.org to the Google search. This emailing nurse recruiters helped me get interviews in NYC.
  11. estrellaCR

    Advice when handing in my resume in person

    Since this is posted in the New York forum, it seems the OP wants to give out resumes in the NY area even possibly NYC. Smiley, have you tried non-NYC area to apply to? I heard hospitals/facilities in Rochester, Syracuse, Buffalo, Albany as well as rural areas hire new grads and accepts them from the online application system. In rural areas, you may have better luck with HR and Nurse Managers as they will be more in need of staff and not have such a hectic day as managers in NYC. In NYC, You would not make it past security to see a nurse manager without an appointment. An NM will not appreciate an uninvited stranger disrupting her busy day (and if this worked...imagine how many new grads would be on to the floors after the NM...too many). However if by chance you connect with an NM by networking or find her email then yes she may invite you to visit and you will be cleared and welcomed to walk onto the unit.
  12. estrellaCR

    How to Get Into OB Nsg

    Get NRP certification, if you are already working at a facility with OB services then go to the nurse manager there and let her know you already work at the hospital and your interest in her unit.
  13. estrellaCR

    The Brooklyn Hospital Center

    It is 10 questions and it is half on common medications and side effects and other half on medication calculation.
  14. estrellaCR

    Advice when handing in my resume in person

    Smiley, in NYC going to HR to pass out resume will only get you HR staff telling you to apply online. The only people that get cleared to walk into an HR Managers office are those with an appointment (interview). If you are open to clinics and nursing homes/skilled nursing facility then walking in to drop resume may work. But if you are targeting hospitals, then it's a waste of your time. The only way to get past online apps is to know someone on the inside who will get HR to pull your app from the thousands of new grad apps. Me, I got hired for my first RN job by applying online (and i did not know anyone) and same for my second job. You can also research HR emails on Google and email the HR Nurse Recruiters. I got interviews as a new grad this way and also now as RN with experience. Recruiters are most likely to respond to email. However if you show up at HR as a stranger requesting a job/interview...they will say "who are you? do you have an appointment?" and tell you to apply online.
  15. estrellaCR

    How long until youre not a ''new grad''

    One year of RN work experience (in any capacity, hospital or non-hospital) makes you no longer a new grad. If you graduate from school, but never worked as RN you are no longer a new grad as per what the job post states. New grad program job postings often state "you must have graduate in Fall 2014 to apply" So if you graduated before this you are no longer a new grad as per the job post. For non-specific job posts, You are no longer a new grad if you are unemployed after graduation for more than a year.
  16. estrellaCR

    Please help, almost 2 years and no job!

    Unfortunately, being a new diploma nurse in modern times is extremely difficult more than being an ADN RN grad. Have you tried getting hired by the hospital to which your diploma program is affiliated? If a hospital has a diploma program in this day and age, it only makes sense that they would hire their grads with the condition they enrolled in a BSN program (which you say you are in one now). WHy have a diploma program if you are not gonna hire your own grads? Diploma programs are almost obsolete throughout the US, even though diploma programs were known for producing the best nurses as diploma programs involve the most hospital clinical time.