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  1. cargal

    What Is a WOW Program??

    I get $30 hr for any time between 7P Fri and 7A on Mon. Full bennies. Must work 24 hours and commit to 49 weekends a year and call off no more than 36 hours scheduled time or get thrown off the program. I don't get a shift bonus if it is on the we...
  2. What is the status of this bill? Thanks!
  3. cargal

    Mandatory overtime

    I thought I saw a thread here that stated Pa may ban MO with the bill being in the senate now, and has passed in the house. My question is how have hospitals in other states that ban MO been able to staff. This question came up at work last nights ...
  4. cargal

    Obscure med help
  5. cargal

    charge nurse dilemma

    To clarify, she did give the vicodan as ordered. I asked her to chart and she did and added that she gave the vicodan as per RN instruction. I have no qualms about this. If she really felt that it was unsafe to give, I just would have wanted her t...
  6. This is an article from the Latest Nursing News on the Home Page of If the economy continues to sag, more will look to nursing for livelihood. While I welcome new nurses, I am wondering if we will lose ground on issues such as pay, ne...
  7. cargal

    Hourly Rate For LPNS

    MMMM, this may be agency? Or the Philly area? Nurses in Western Pa, LPNs are around $14.50/hr, 22.50 agency. Rn's are around $17.70 to start. I make $20.00 with no benefits as an RN, one of the few places that does this. No Holiday time and half...
  8. cargal

    charge nurse dilemma

    Jevans, Thanks again for the input. I think the problem is we all have on foot out the door at all times. I will think of ways to work with her , not against her. I don't view this as a problem most of the time. I just sometimes wonder where the ...
  9. cargal

    tips for dealing with dementia

    We should treat these residents the way we have spoken of because it is the right thing to do. All people deserve dignity and they have needs of usefulness, the need for love, etc. Nice thread! Glad to hear some sense out there. Let's all get toge...
  10. cargal

    charge nurse dilemma

    Thanks for the input. She has been there 19 years in a facility that is very short staffed, they need the warm body, but they don't value their employees. (Or should I say some!) Let's face it, with the nursing shortage, she can do just about anyt...
  11. cargal

    tips for dealing with dementia

    Any one look at Validation Therapy? I am very upset in my facility. I hear-we don't have time-give her an ativan. Most times all you need to do is come back later or spend some time with the resident. Sometimes their is no connection to reality ...
  12. cargal

    charge nurse dilemma

    Hi, I need some views on my capacity as a charge nurse in my LTC facility. I was oriented as charge two months ago. I really feel I have limited experience as a p/t nurse, worked the floor in the hospital skilled unit and assisted living charge. ...
  13. cargal

    Pure worthless crap

    An attempt at therpeutic communication is better than no attempt at all. Most of the nurses and CNA's that I work with don't attempt this at all. Better a feeble attempt than a "Don't cry, or why are you crying" I have been studying validation ther...
  14. cargal

    Death & Dying Question I happened to find this somewhere on and sent it to myself. Let me know if this helps, it is written by a Geriatric Nurse Practitioner.
  15. cargal

    Wake Up

    Hey, I'll come more often. I need someone to talk to about this specialty right now!