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  1. RN_by_day

    Getting NURSE II at the V.A.

    So I currently work at the VA. I have my BSN and 5 years experience as a RN. I was brought in as a nurse I, but with a high step. I spoke to HR about it and I was told....that my opportunity to negotiate steps and/or grades for my position was when I was initially offered the salary. However, being that this is my first government job, I was not aware of this until after I got hired and started to speaking to other employees during orientation. So my question is does anyone who works for a VA have any tips on what I can do to obtain my nurse II when it is time for my eval? Thanks 😊
  2. RN_by_day

    HELP!! I'm half way through and I want to quit!!!!

    I totally understand where you are coming from, I recently finished nursing school myself. My suggestion to you would be: ask your teached for help, after/before school study sessions, study more (if possible) and utilize your classmates-everyone has a different way of interpreting information so your classmates may find some of the information easy that may be more difficult for you and lastly PRAY! Good Luck