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FutureCRNA? is a BSN, RN and specializes in Cardiac Care.

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  1. FutureCRNA?

    How long did it take you to get your first RN job?

    I applied in January of my last semester, interviewed in March, got the job offer two days later. I graduated in May (and took the NCLEX a few days before that) and will start my new position the first week of June. I was a tech there for over a year first though.
  2. FutureCRNA?

    ATI RN Comprehensive Predictor

    I got a 96% the first time and a 97% the second time. I took the NCLEX a week later and passed with 75 questions.
  3. FutureCRNA?


    Oops, sorry I missed the practical nursing part :)
  4. FutureCRNA?


    My school had a 4 week internship (other school refer to it as capstone as well). We were in our internship the last 4 weeks of our final semester.
  5. FutureCRNA?

    Pearson NCLEX trick?

    I took my exam this morning and had 75 questions. I had over half SATA questions - my guess is 60-75% of my questions were SATA. Those are passing level questions. I got the good pop up. I had previously read that if you keep getting SATA questions, that is a good sign, and it appears that it was. I only got a couple of delegation questions and no dosage calc questions.
  6. FutureCRNA?

    As a corrections nurse...

    I didn't mean I would be offended at someone educating me, period. I said I would be offended if a CO-WORKER tried to educate me. It's none of their business and I find that offensive. And as I said, most of the nurses I know working the floor have misconceptions. Hence, I don't want them trying to tell me how to manage my disease. I educate myself on a consistent basis.
  7. FutureCRNA?

    Reaching out to those who applied for jobs before NCLEX

    I got a job where I currently work as an aide about a month ago. I take the NCLEX on Tuesday and I graduate officially on Saturday. My official start date will depend on when my transcripts officially post (assuming I pass the NCLEX), but will likely be beginning of June. Several of my classmates have job offers with late May start dates. We are in the Midwest.
  8. FutureCRNA?

    As a corrections nurse...

    I know this is slightly off topic, but as a person having had diabetes for 21 years, I would be highly offended at a co-worker attempting to educate me on my diabetes. With the possible exception of diabetes educators, I find nurses to be blissfully unaware of their lack of knowledge & what they think they know seems to be erroneous. I see examples of it almost every day I work.
  9. FutureCRNA?

    Funniest, Weirdest, Most Unusual Baby Names

    I recently came across a Phalicity lol
  10. FutureCRNA?

    Wedding rings at work

    Back when we bought our wedding rings, about 15 years ago, we had a diamond of my grandmother's put into a setting. I specifically requested that the set the prongs low so they would be less likely to catch on things (I worked retail back then). They set the diamond very low and I have little problem with it catching on anything. I do probably compensate a bit when sliding gloves on and off, but it's just habit and I don't really notice. And besides, I can't get it off easily anyway. My ring is loose on my finger but apparently my knuckles are large because it doesn't slide over. I was taking it on and off (in the shower with lots of soap) for my first semester in nursing school and got a sore red nodule on my knuckle and I was afraid I was damaging myself, so I quit.
  11. FutureCRNA?


    I had one a long time ago that normally tested blood sugar, but also sort of tested your Hba1c level, except it was more of a 1 month average supposedly instead of 3ish. I'm sure there are meters out there that could give you results in either measurement system.
  12. FutureCRNA?

    Patient Safety Aide

    I would think that means you would be a one on one safety attendant, or a sitter. Usually in a hospital setting it would be for an overdose or suicide precautions. You just sit there watching them to make sure they don't hurt themselves. Sometimes it's easy, sometimes it's horrible.
  13. FutureCRNA?

    Work a hard job as a PCT, or stay at my cushy jobs?

    I grew leaps and bounds as an aide while in school. I don't believe I would have grown to that extent if I hadn't been an aide. I highly recommend it. That being said, I quit an awesome cushy job making $20 per hour, guaranteed 8 hours a week. With the other reimbursements I made at that job included, I practically had to work 2 - 12's in the hospital to make the same as my one little 8 hour shift. It was definitely hard to do during nursing school, for sure!
  14. FutureCRNA?


    I don't think meters will read that low. Under a certain number, they usually just read "LOW." Must be a mistake.
  15. FutureCRNA?

    Sitter breaks

    It doesn't matter if the person is sleeping, or if they are combative. It's NOT easy. Sitting is the last job I want to see beside my name on the assignment sheet. I can't stand to be isolated in one room for 12+ hours. It's awful. Period. And perhaps they cluster their breaks together into one because they won't get the two other 15 minute breaks if they don't. At my hospital, we're SUPPOSED to get a 30 minute lunch and 3 - 15 minute breaks for a 12 hour 1:1 shift. Never has happened, ever. I've always had my 30 minute lunch and all the rest has been less than 5 minutes to the bathroom & getting a drink.
  16. FutureCRNA?

    I need pinning ceremony ideas!!

    I would assume business casual, or interview attire would be appropriate...? As far as having more pins, personally I don't see a need for that. I'm having my husband and two sons pin me and that will basically consist of my husband pinning me & the two boys standing up with us.