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  1. btrossbach

    Howard County Hospital

    Anyone familiar with Howard County Hospital? Specifically ER?
  2. btrossbach

    Montgomery College Nursing Spring 2015

    You don't need Chemistry to pass the Med Math. They will teach you the formulas to use and some of it is common sense (like how many tablets). You are able to review and see what you got wrong. The majority of the teachers are more than willing to help you understand and go over the formulas with you individually if you make an appointment with them during their office hours. Don't stress over it!
  3. btrossbach

    Any job suggestions

    What part of Maryland?
  4. btrossbach

    Montgomery College Nursing Spring 2015

    Just a heads up...do not try to plan your schedule around a particular clinical day just yet. You will not pick your clinical day until registration. Also, anyone who is attending the program and living outside of Montgomery County, there is a waiver that you can get called the Maryland Health Manpower Shortage. This will allow you to pay in county tuition rates. The forms must be picked up in the nursing office and turned into the registration office. Be sure to do it the first week or two of class (or when you register). Best of luck, speak up if you need help or advice.
  5. btrossbach

    New Grad Salaries

    I know there are other posts regarding this but they are all several years old. If anyone has any info please post to share here with other job seekers :) I know the job market is tough but it would be great to share. Please include any other relevant info you may have such as cohort times etc...
  6. btrossbach

    AAMC Night shift

    What floor?
  7. btrossbach

    Montgomery College Nursing Spring 2015

    MCapplicant, no worries on where you get in with taking those classes. They will all transfer for your BSN even is you go through MC's ADN program. MC has several transfer agreements with other colleges for your BSN/MSN.
  8. btrossbach

    WHC Nurse Residency July 2014

    I was wondering what the starting salary is I will have a little bit of a commute but it is an amazing opportunity I just want to make sure the salary will be worth it. I have not applied yet, I am in the process right now. Thanks for the info!
  9. btrossbach

    WHC Nurse Residency July 2014

    Hello! I interested in the WHC residency program. I was wondering if anyone could share the starting salary and differentials? I'm also wondering if those of you who were hired got the units you were hoping for? Any feedback would be appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  10. btrossbach

    WHC New Grad 7/28

    I just graduated and am looking at the residency program at WHC. Do you get to list your preferences as far as department? What is the salary?
  11. btrossbach

    Montgomery College Fall 2014

    As far as the math test, it is not Med Math, used to be ProCalc. You have to take it in the MLC at the campus. You will get several attempts to pass it, be sure to pay attention to rounding rules. Personally I never used the Calculate With Confidence book. This is a link for a free PDF download of a Nursing Care Plan Book, no need to buy one you can download this and save it to your computer or tablet (or phone). http://taskurun.files.wordpress.com/2011/10/nursing-care-plan-guidelines-for-individualizing.pdf
  12. btrossbach

    Textbooks keep/rent?

    Rent when you can, its so much cheaper!
  13. btrossbach

    Traveling to Suburban Hospital

    I did clinicals there, nice hospital. The staff seemed to be happy. The area is not bad.
  14. btrossbach

    Advice for Incoming Montgomery College Nursing Students

    Yes, the program has gone through many changes. You will need to be extremely flexible and save time out for things like lab hours and such. Just take it one day at a time and you will get through.
  15. btrossbach

    Current Montgomery College nursing students

    I am not sure what class you are looking at that has an NU class as a pre-req? All the NU classes are nursing classes that you take during the nursing program.