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  1. trebleclefmama

    West Coast University Question!

    Hi, I am hoping to apply to the BSN program at the OC campus, but am wanting to know what credit score you need to qualify for the large loan without needing a cosigner. Would anyone be willing to provide insight?
  2. trebleclefmama

    Looking for MSMU students/graduates

    I'd love to know as well, as im applying for pre-nursing soon myself.
  3. trebleclefmama

    Class/es and a Newborn...?

    Take the semester off. It's not true that your baby won't know whether you're there or not. They call the first three months of newborn life the "fourth trimester" for a reason. Your baby will need you not just for food, but for skin-to-skin contact, and probably for sleeping as well. I thought I could handle school and a newborn (which I could have, if I wanted to sacrifice things with my newborn), but turns out our daughter needed me more. It was so rewarding, though! If you don't want to take the semester off, I'd take an online class. Have you looked into babywearing? It's a *great* way of keeping baby close to you while getting things you need to take care of done. I would nurse her or let her sleep in my baby carrier while doing dishes, laundry, vacuuming, etc. Lifesaver. Congratulations on your new squish!! Motherhood isn't for the faint of heart, but it's the best thing you'll ever do with your life.
  4. I have two options- take some prereqs and apply to an ADN program, or take two years of accelerated prereqs and apply to a BSN program. I can do a ton of coursework now, or work with an ADN degree while getting my BSN. Problem is, I'm in socal and not so sure that the ADN is even a worthy step to take. Also, either way it'll take about four years. Do people still get jobs in socal with just an ADN degree? My husband and I have been thinking of moving to WA when I'm done... Anyone know if they are moving towards hiring only BSNs in hospitals as well? Any insight is greatly appreciated! ☺️
  5. trebleclefmama

    Starting Prereqs finally!!!

    I'm so sorry that you have no support system, I wish you nothing but the best in your endeavors. Please feel free to message me if you ever need to vent.
  6. trebleclefmama

    Mount St.Mary's College ADN admits/students

    May I ask how much their deposit is? I'm hoping to apply in a year or so, I would love it if you guys wouldn't mind sharing your experiences during the program! :)
  7. trebleclefmama

    Is it even worth it anymore?

    I've wanted to be a nurse since 2007. Unfortunately, the loss of our eldest forced me to work full time to help pay off medical bills, and here we are in 2015. I still want to be a nurse, and my ultimate goal was always to become an NP... But is it even worth it anymore? The schools in SoCal are ridiculously hard to get into, and I'm so worried that even after 3-5+ years of school, I won't be able to find a job. I'm 26 years old now with a 2.5 year old, and I worry about providing for her and being able to give her a great childhood. My prerequisites have expired so I have to start from scratch. I would so appreciate any advice, words of wisdom, or stories from experience.
  8. trebleclefmama

    Whittier ISP Pre Reqs

    Hopeful bump
  9. trebleclefmama

    did u take ISP prereques? Help plz :)

    Hello! Did you end up taking your prereqs at ISP? Sent from my iPhone using allnurses
  10. I would love to hear from those of us who have gone through school (both prereqs and nursing program) with very young children. I'm pregnant and have a two year old, and working part time. I need to start from the beginning, and I know with enough dedication I can do this, but would appreciate tips and words of wisdom from those who have done this before me. How long did it take you? Did you take breaks in between? Thanks in advance!
  11. trebleclefmama

    False Hope?

    Thanks, everyone. I'm one of those people who genuinely appreciate "tough love," so it helps to hear that i only need to be determined enough to plow forward. We lost our son on my 21st birthday after an open heart surgery in 2009, so I'm hoping that's enough for the programs I apply to to understand why I have such a large gap in schooling. Best of luck to everyone in their careers!
  12. trebleclefmama

    Confused about ADN programs...

    Thanks all! So instead of focusing on just the four prerequisites, I need to focus on taking all of my general ed before applying as well?
  13. trebleclefmama

    Confused about ADN programs...

    I've noticed that a lot of programs only require four or five classes in order to apply. I've also seen ADN-BSN programs in my area- does that mean that you can transfer without taking the rest of general ed classes for the ADN degree?
  14. trebleclefmama

    False Hope?

    I have a very low GPA from classes I took at a community college seven years ago. Life happened, and now I'm 26 and am going to be starting prerequisite classes. My question is this: are those classes going to reflect badly upon me? I was 17 right out of high school and had family issues going on that made it difficult to focus, so most of those classes are withdrawals, not F's. I'm ready to volunteer, work as a CNA again, etc to make myself more marketable, but am scared about schools that require high school transcripts.
  15. trebleclefmama

    Santa Ana College - Spring 2015 start

    I noticed on SAC's website that they require high school transcripts as well- do they count against you if they're not so hot?
  16. trebleclefmama

    Whittier ISP Pre Reqs

    Hello! Thanks to some threads here on allnurses.com, I've come across ISP in Whittier for accelerated pre-requisites. A lot of the threads were older though, so would love some feedback or tips from those who have recently attended the program. I've been out of school for five years now, and I really don't remember much as far as sciences go- should I take biology before A&P/Micro, or dive right in and just study my rear off? I work full time, have a two year old, and a very supportive husband. Trying to see if this is something that can be done with enough determination, or if this just a waste of time. Thanks in advance!