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  1. maddison1002

    An opportunity for travel

    Could someone look over the quasi-contract that was sent to me regarding pay and housing regarding correctional nursing? I have no idea what is a good contract and what is not. If you would like to look at it and appraise the situation, I would be most appreciative. Thank you! If you would agree, I'd like to send it via email.
  2. maddison1002

    Heavy-handed management at CDCR

    I swear I could have written your post word for word. That is EXACTLY like what I have dealt with. My fear of constant threats of being "written up" or "terminated" have made me into a nervous wreck. I have become so paranoid, I don't know who is watching me do what, either in person or in social media. I'm even scared to write this, wondering if they will know I wrote this. WTH is wrong with people?
  3. maddison1002

    Correctional nurse pay

    I work in Pennsylvania for Wexford Health Services in a county prison. I am an RN and make $22 per hour.
  4. maddison1002

    Any changes re: Ebola?

    Our intake process now asks if the inmate has traveled to any of the countries with the Ebola epidemic.
  5. maddison1002

    Sick Call costs

    Costs just went up last month and it has cut down on a lot of unnecessary sick slips. Nurse call w/protocol $6.00; med copays on all refills unless initial sick call: $3.00; Doctor call: $20.00; can't remember what dental and optometry are, but at least $20.00 and probably higher. Replies? I'm sorry, those are the standard prices. Indigent inmates do get medical cost for free, but that's it and only within reason.
  6. maddison1002

    Good Pop-up

    What is a "good pop up?" I took NCLeX today and finished with 75 questions and am excited yet scared.
  7. maddison1002

    NCLEX on Thursday. How am I doing?

    I am taking NCLEX on February 6, also and I am freaking out. I graduated in December, also, and have been studying since graduation, but feel like I don't know a thing. Need to remember that I can always take it again.
  8. During my Fundamentals of Nursing re-demo of a HEENT eval today, I made a slight goof. My professor later told me she had to hold back her choking and giggles. While examining my "patient's" open mouth with a tongue depressor, I told her the VULVA looked good. Really? A vulva in the mouth? No, I meant uvula!! OMG, I said vulva? This should make quite the funny topic at the next faculty lunch! At least I didn't forget anything....