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  1. Glycerine82

    Help. Input. Agree. Disagree. Thoughts.

    Note that its not a sterile procedure nor a sterile area of the body.
  2. Glycerine82

    Reporting med errors...

    If i knew ahead of time that I would lose my job and no harm came to the patient I think I would probably keep it to myself. Especially since reporting med errors shouldn't be punitive but a learning experience. That being said, I wouldn't want to work for a facility that would handle things that way.
  3. Glycerine82

    I just need to vent

    bingo! Write her up and have the other nurse do so, also.
  4. Glycerine82

    Dysautonomia... POTS and IST

    I can't speak to this issue personally but my hubby has POTS. He's ridiculously tall and it really does a number on him. I feel like the extra height makes his syncope that much worse. I'm curious, why metoprolol?
  5. Glycerine82

    Are We Too PC?

    There is nothing wrong with this song. The woman is all in, shes just trying to make it look innocent. Good grief, people will never stop amazing me.
  6. Glycerine82

    Help me name my baby!

    Billie Jean
  7. Glycerine82

    Things Patients Have Taught Me NOT To Do.

    Never lie to your nurse. We're going to figure it out eventually if we haven't already.
  8. Glycerine82

    Things Patients Have Taught Me NOT To Do.

    Ever seen nurse jackie? Deep breath, aannddddd PULL. It's like starting a lawnmower.
  9. Glycerine82

    Severely burnt out. Nursing home vs. tele unit?

    There are many avenues in nursing and there are many types of nurses. Trying out different areas and eventually choosing one that fits you best does not make you (or anyone else) a better or worse nurse. Each area of nursing has it's own sets of complications and utilizes different parts of our skill sets and theory. Being a nurse in a SNF is not easy, it's also a total blast for some people (ahem - me). Others have a harder time with it and thats completely OK.
  10. Glycerine82

    Had interview..Not sure how it went

    I get it - I'm also a hugger. I have to hold myself back sometimes because it's totally not professional. I do however, hug my colleagues when and if the situation is appropriate. Honestly, we'd probably all have much lower stress levels if hugging were more accepted but, alas - it isn't. weirdos.
  11. Glycerine82

    Mandatory Vaccination

    I find it comical that those who aren't able to be immunized due to allergies, etc. still have to wear a mask even after coming down with the flu.
  12. Glycerine82

    Staff attacked by resident

    Identify which staff members are the best with her and figure out what they do differently. Sometimes its the approach, sometimes its the face or even the skin color (dementia patients don't know any better). I've had patients in the past where I've had to delegate certain people to care for them. (or not care for them as the case may be). It's also best to make sure two people who are skilled go in and get it done as fast as they can and that the amount of times is limited to as few as possible.
  13. Glycerine82

    Managers, How do you deal with staff perception?

    I will tell you that our unit manager has built good rapport by getting her hands dirty whenever she needs to. There is not one task she will not do if it's needed and staff really appreciate her. She also is down to earth and knows that we aren't going to do everything like we do when state comes, because its not practical. BUT she take zero crap and is the first one to point out when something could be done differently.
  14. Glycerine82

    LPN vs. RN

    How I made my choice was I applied to both programs and was accepted to LPN first. As an LPN you will be very limited as to where you can work, but there is plenty of work available. Nursing homes with sub acute rehab wings are always looking as are urgent cares, dr offices, VA, Prisions, etc. Most hospitals don't hire LPNs and if they do we are utilized in the same capacity as a tech. Most of my classmates all went on to get their RN right away without ever working as LPNS, but I went to work right away and love it. It depends on your personal situation and how you feel about very hard work with crappy staffing but the ability to make a huge difference on a daily basis.
  15. Glycerine82

    New nurse help

    All the time, to this day. Research and ask your seasoned colleagues questions :)