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Greetings! I am a newly wed(April 28th), who has worked full time at an industrial air conditioning manufacturing company in the panhandle of Florida for the last 5 years. I have two dogs, Gia and Sophie, who think they are little furry humans, and don't tell them otherwise! I enjoy shopping(what girl doesn't?), working out, spending time with family and friends, and a nice glass of wine! I have just begun my journey in nursing school and I am very excited and eager to delve right into it. I am determined and blessed to have this opportunity to go to school for what I've wanted to do for so long. :-)

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  1. SaraMC

    I am 5 weeks into school and I am so stressed out

    I am also in my first semester of nursing school and it has definitely been overwhelming! I was just griping to my friend earlier about how I can't seem to find the time to workout like I used to and how frustrated I am with the amount of studying and things that ned to be done- if only there were more hours in the day! You're not the only one feeling this way in your program, trust me. It's going to be hard, you're going to cry, and you're going to have to give up doing things you loved doing before(I haven't worked-out in 2 weeks!) and you're probably going to eat junk more than you'd like to admit. But it's not going to be forever. You will get the hang of things. You will be able to find time for things you like to do, and you will start understanding the material better. ITS GOING TO BE WORTH IT. You got this, hang in there! And don't beat yourself up if you take a nap or two each week. ;-)
  2. So, I'm in the first semester of my nursing school program and the school does this free dental clinic for kids every year and I volunteered to get some practice and start doing things out of my comfort zone. I've never worked with kids before, especially not in this type of way. All we are suppose to do is take their temp, B/P, RR, and pulse. I'm a little nervous just because I know kids tend to be nervous in these situations and don't want to make them feel uncomfortable or scared of me. Is there anything I can do or say before/during/after I take their vitals that will make it better for them, maybe? Adults are easy, it's the kids that I'm not really sure what to do/say when around them lol. Thanks!
  3. Okay, so my best friend knows a girl who's best friend has been an RN for 10 years now and she brought me up in conversation I guess and told her how I just received my acceptance letter and was excited and how I've been a straight A student and was going to have to quit my current job to start nursing school, etc, etc... So then the RN lady tells my friend that she can get me a job at the (better) local hospital where shes worked at for 10 years being an orderly, tearing down beds, etc. Thing is, this "job" actually pays $15 an hr, and you can choose to work 1-3 days a week, 8 hour shifts, and its specifically for nursing students and there is a huge list I'm told of people on it, waiting for a position while they're in school. She says she wants to sit down with me sometime and get a few details, like when I'm supposed to start and all that, and that she will simply talk to her boss and get me on the top of the list I guess... My friend also said that they also can guarantee you a job at that hospital as an RN once I've graduated if I sign a contract with them while I'm in school... I really cannot believe this, it sounds like the MOST perfect situation just fell into my lap and I'm overwhelmed. But if this is really the case, I could not be more grateful and appreciative. Has anyone heard of this type of thing? Do you have the same program/opportunity available to you? Thanks for the feedback! :-)
  4. SaraMC

    I got in! Spring '14!!

    Congratulations to everyone!! Were all gonna kick some butt! Let's do this! :-)
  5. SaraMC

    Spring 2014 Nursing Hopefuls

    I got in to the RN program at my CC in the panhandle! Just found out yesterday. I cried tears of joy I was so relieved and thrilled! Go us!! Good luck to everyone! :-)
  6. SaraMC

    I got in! Spring '14!!

    Thanks and a big congrats to you as well! :-)
  7. SaraMC

    What would you do?

    Withdraw, if you honestly know you won't have the time that is required to study properly and thoroughly. I took a day off work here and there while taking classes to get more study time in and that is the ONLY reason I made A's. But I know you may not have that as an option. You could ask If there's any extra credit assignments you could do. Best of luck!
  8. SaraMC

    I got in! Spring '14!!

    I had to pick up my letter yesterday from my CC because they emailed me saying they sent it out last week and it was returned to them! I was so panicked and anxious the whole drive there. She took the letter out of a folder and it wasn't even in an envelope and she was like, "oh guess I better put it in an envelope or you."... Ahh!! I'm like is that one page? Two? Four?! I could not even contain myself. I stepped out into the whole way and it was all I could do not to burst into tears when I saw, "we're glad to inform you that..." Oh. My. Gosh. This road to get to this point has been long and grueling. I'm beside myself with excitement and anticipation of starting the program in January. God is good, and so faithful. It's overwhelming sometimes. Anyone else going in spring 2014? Celebrate with me! :-)
  9. SaraMC

    How Not to Get Taken Advantage Of

    Just say, 'No'. People are afraid to use that word. I find that it works quite efficiently.
  10. SaraMC

    Just took the HESI A2...

    Good luck! :-)
  11. SaraMC

    Just took the HESI A2...

    Got a 92% overall. I did very well on the grammar, math, and reading(100%, 94%, 92%, respectively), but I was really bummed out about the vocabulary(82%). The reason being, most(about half-three quarters) of the words/terms asked about in the vocabulary section were not in my evolve study guide, nor did I encounter them online on various websites such as, test-guide.com, quizlet.com, etc., which I also used to study the vocabulary. I would say about 10 questions involved words directly from the evolve study guide. The only thing I would have done differently to have been better prepared would have been to read a medical terminology dictionary perhaps? Honestly, the questions were very random and I'm not sure where to find a cumulative study guide for the exact terms/words they asked about. My nursing adviser told me to familiarize myself with grammar prefixes and suffixes for the vocabulary part. That had nothing to do with it and I knew most of those already, it was mostly medical terms/words or words used in the context of a medical situation. There were a few words on there I had never heard in my life(I don't want to say on here because I'm not sure I'm allowed to), so... What do you guys think of my overall score(92%), honestly? I know a lot of other people scored higher, I'm sure, but I'm not going to beat myself up over it. A 92% has to be a pretty decent score still. :-) Aaaand, its done!! Over! Thank goodness. lol If anyone wants tips/advice/study help, PM me and I'll be happy to answer any questions or help :-) (I apologize if this posts twice, I tried posting it earlier on my phone, and it didn't show up, so this is my second attempt.)
  12. SaraMC

    hesi vs hesi a2

    I'm taking the Hesi A2 exam next month and at my community college the only topics covered on the exam are reading, math, grammar, and vocabulary. Some also have anatomy and biology. Just call your school and ask about it. Also, my advisor told me the part that people are most unprepared for is the vocabulary. I know it sounds stupid, I was like I know how to spell/use words correctly, but its the simple things(like whether to use lie or lay or lain in a sentence), do just make sure you brush up on your vocabulary. I checked out a couple SAT vocabulary exam reviews from the library and also bought the evolve exam review 2n edition. See if your library has any of these you could borrow instead of having to buy them. Good luck!
  13. SaraMC

    A&P 1

    Instead of flash cards I prefer flash "notes". My A&P II instructor has a study guide/chapter outline for us already and I read the chapters in my book, take notes in lecture while recording them on my phone and then re-listen to them and look at my study guide and make notes on the side in a purple or pink pen and there's sticky notes everywhere on my 3 page study guide. Its kind of like my flash notes, lecture notes, and study guide all in one and I just take it with me everywhere I go. It rolls up nicely and fits in my purse for work. If there anything(fluid routes, cycles, etc) that you don't understand try to find a drawing or video that explains it, it really helps. Also doing the questions at the end of the chapters in your A&P book will help you to read over information to try and find the answers. My instructor say that our test material will mainly consist of the slides and question about them. So listen also to what they say will be on the test and any words they wrote down on the board or special emphasis they put on a word or topic. Good luck :-)
  14. SaraMC

    A&P I fall 2012 round up

    It was difficult for me. I ended up with a C in lecture and an A in the lab. Studying a lot and in the right way that suits you really does make a difference on your grade. The lab was easy but lecture was a lot more difficult. A lot of memorizing and repetition. Knowing the order of the way systems a d things work will help also.
  15. SaraMC

    What courses did you take in conjunction with A & P?

    I'm working 40 hours a week right now, and I'm only taking sociology along with A&P II. The studying is so time consuming, I don't want to overwhelm myself just yet, lol
  16. SaraMC

    A&P I fall 2012 round up

    I'm taking A&P II starting tomorrow. I'm a little nervous...*gulp*