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  1. MDCNurse

    New nurse on unit

    Hi, I’ve been a nurse for 3 years. I started at the hospital I did my clinicals at and did a residency program for 3 months. I started on nights so I could learn and after 3 years, I felt completely burnt out from bedside, going through 6-8 pts a night, and bad leadership. I recently started a new position on a step down unit at a different hospital. While I find myself less stressed, I am finding myself very depressed. I miss the commaderie I had with the other nurses I worked with. I miss being able to ask for help from anyone. On this new unit, I feel more on my own, not knowing who to ask for help. I only got 3 weeks of training and feel uneasy working on my own. I find myself sometimes tearing up at work. I’m doing the best I can but find it hard to cope with the change. I wanted to do step down to get the experience and eventually decide what I want to do next. Thats my biggest issue in nursing. I love what I do but I also dont know where to go next or what area of nursing I’d love to work in. After 6 months I can transfer, but its hard to think about what the next step would be.
  2. MDCNurse

    Nclex RN january 2017

    I know my username is different but this is the same person who posted above. I forgot my password for the other account so I made a new one....anyways, for example, I know I got a communication one wrong ......I know I'm just torturing myself at this point..... I tested on Friday so Pearson will probably have my result posted by Monday.
  3. MDCNurse

    Thank You to the Nurses that Teach from the Heart

    Thank you so much everyone for the encouraging words!
  4. MDCNurse

    Thank You to the Nurses that Teach from the Heart

    Thank you!
  5. I knew I had practiced the skill in lab but boy, was I nervous. I didn't know whether I could do it. Self doubt filled my mind and I was second-guessing saying yes. I knew the rule for clinicals: as long as your allowed to perform the skill, whenever you get a chance to perform it, do it. Everything is a learning experience. My heart was racing and all eyes on me. You see, I not only got to insert my first foley, but it was all while 3 doctors were waiting for me to insert the foley to begin their procedure. I felt their stern eyes on me. I imagined their thoughts. I felt the weight of the world on my shoulders. Never before had I been under so much pressure to perform a skill but I knew I had to learn and that triumphed all the negativity. I told the nurse this was my first foley and she said she would be there right a long with me to help me out. I knew all the steps book wise but taking that next step took major confidence for a student nurse. The only thing that my attention was focused on was the nurse. I was ready to learn and accomplish the task. The nurse told me straight out "I'm going to teach you the right way'' Those words sounded so refreshing. I've encountered many nurses who simply do not want to teach. Who, in my opinion, have forgotten they were a student once. I've been refused and put to the side many times. So here I was inserting the foley, following the nurse's orders while performing sterile technique. I got urine back. I've never felt so relieved yet so accomplished. I felt the weight of the world lift off my shoulders. Once I finished my insertion, the procedure began. I felt relieved and embarrassed that I had taken up such time away from the doctors but the truth is, they had opportunities to learn and just as they did, nursing students need them too. I had to leave midway for post conference but I couldn't leave without saying Thank you to that nurse. She may never know the happiness I felt in receiving the opportunity to insert a foley. OB nurses do this task everyday but for students to be able to perform it, is a luxury. As a student nurse who needs to continue building confidence in nursing skills, it meant the world me. What she whispered to me will stay with me forever: One day you may be inserting that doctor's foley. I couldn't have heard truer words that day. I know that there are many others nurses out there who teach from the heart. My advice: Continue to do so. Continue to mold the future of nursing. For students: Any opportunity you get in clinical, as long as you are allowed to do it per policy and with supervision, take it. You never know when it will come around again. You may be nervous, you may have a million questions when the time comes but trust yourself. If it's something you've never done before, let the nurse know. Chances are, they are willing to teach you. Don't be scared. Don't let your negative thoughts limit you like I almost did. Opportunities are golden. Textbook material is one thing but performance is another. Yes, you had a mannequin to work with before but in the real world, there is no extra cushion or obvious hole. My sincerest thank you to those that teach from the heart and the nurse that helped me grow as a student.
  6. I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while. If you look on page 20, I covered what could possibly be asked in the interview. Best of luck!
  7. Don't be nervous! Just be yourselves. The questions are pretty simple. It will be a group interview, answer a question while discussing your thought process with another person in your group, why you want to be a nurse, role of a nurse, etc. Best of luck!!!
  8. @gianfranco...there are no leftovers with Nova. It's simply you were admitted or you weren't. Typically a few days or a week after your interview, you should know if you got accepted. They won't just accept you based on your prereqs. You must go through the interview and exam first. For the day of your interview, you will be there the whole day. It will either start with a tour or the exam. You will take your exam, go to lunch for an hour and they will you for interview. Your interview will be in a group with 3-5 people on the panel. You will be asked to work with someone to answer the question and give your own input as well. It's not bad. Mainly why you want to be nurse, what that entails, etc. For the test, I can't really tell you to study one specific thing because it covers everything. For math, it's mainly decimals and fractions. For reading, it's pretty straightforward. Science is where it gets really difficult. It's all anatomy and physiology and it's tough to tell you one area to study because I truly felt like I was guessing or going with the best response. It's not a pass or fail exam. It's simply to see where you are.
  9. I wasn't that clear in my last post but as long as your courses are in progress and will be completed before the start of Nursing School, it is fine. Not everyone gets an interview so meeting their requirements is a must in terms of coursework. After you submit your application, it shouldn't be too long from when you receive the email of the interview. It should be 1-2 weeks and they usually take place on Tuesdays or Thursdays in the morning.
  10. Entry Level BSN Course Requirements | Nova Southeastern University Nursing Here is the link to what you must have in order for your application to be considered. If you don't have exactly what they require for coursework, you will be denied because you can't take any pre reqs with your Nursing courses. You may be able to take a few final pre reqs the summer before you start but I'm not 100% sure about that. If you click on Admissions requirements, there will be more information there too.
  11. 100-120 applicants sounds about right. Regardless, I'm pretty sure there are 40 scholarships as I've heard that number twice from Baptist and Nova personnel. We should know pretty soon about the scholarship.
  12. I requested the page.
  13. What's the group name so I can add it?
  14. In regards to the Baptist Program, I'm not sure about the pay on the job part. I do know someone who went through the program and loved Nova. She is now working in the ICU at Baptist. I do know that the last semester is spent with a preceptor and you do get paid for that. The job opportunity will vary by location for sure though. If you want the ICU but only South Miami offers the ICU opening and Kendall location doesn't, than you would apply to the South Miami location if you really want that position. I've heard about the paying tuition back. Not too sure about it though. I think that would be a question for orientation day if given the scholarship.
  15. They've probably accepted students for the scholarships already has they have all your paperwork when you sit for the interview. They are still interviewing I believe but June 15th is the deadline so I guess anytime after that we should find out. I interviewed in May though.
  16. MDCNurse

    Nova Southeastern University Entry Level BSN Winter 2014

    Forgot to add: Congrats to everyone that has been accepted!