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anniesong specializes in NICU.

I am an RN in a level III NICU.

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  1. anniesong

    Failed Orientation- Fired- Now What? Not for Me?

    It sounds like communication problems played a part in this situation. Did you speak with your preceptors and/or managers about this issue and your concerns prior to the evaluations? Were they open to communication and problem-solving? What area o...
  2. anniesong

    You Know You're a NICU Nurse When...

    So very, very true! I'm not even sure when I started doing that first one quoted up there... I just suddenly found myself guesstimating such things one day!
  3. anniesong

    What do you pay for health insurance?

    I have coverage through BC/BS and I'm the only one on the plan, no referrals needed, no deductible, provider network includes my state and I think two states near me as well, $10 copayment, Rx coverage of $3 for generic and $6 for others. I pay $7.7...
  4. anniesong

    Funny/happy NICU moments needed

    Eric - my current primary does the same thing! Everytime I take him out for Kangaroo care, weights, or baths he grabs on for dear life. I keep telling the little guy he can trust me, but....
  5. anniesong

    How big is your "unit"?

    I work in a 50 bed unit - 30 ICU beds, 10 Special Care, and 10 "feeder grower" beds. We do transport, HFOV, NO, and limited surgical.
  6. anniesong

    What shift did you work????

    I started and still remain on the night shift. This was my only option at the time at my facility in the area I wanted to work. I started on 8 hour ngihts (11p-7a) (40 hrs/wk) and am now on 12 hour nights (7p-7a) (36 hrs/wk). I've had the opportun...
  7. anniesong

    It's not the nicotine patch!!!

    Bill Engvall! And yes, sometimes a sign would make the process faster and easier on all of us.
  8. anniesong

    Night Nurse- a movie review

  9. anniesong

    Breastfeeding policy

    We do have a Kangaroo Care policy in my facility. The policy states that vented babies are permitted to kangaroo, however babies with umbilical lines are not. In some cases they may be held swaddled with lines secured to the diaper and blankets. ...
  10. anniesong

    Strengths and weaknesses

    I work in a 50 bed level III unit. We do HFOV, nitric, and transports. We do not do ECMO, and many of our surgeries are shipped to a nearby Children's Hospital with the exceptions of some GI cases, PDA ligations, and ROP surgeries. Now, if I rem...
  11. anniesong

    Preemie Painting

    That is gorgeous, and seeing it brightens my day :)
  12. anniesong

    UCONN Anyone?

    Entrance into UConn has definitely gotten more challenging in recent years (as had entrance into most nursing programs). For the 2007 entering class of freshman, UConn received something along the lines of 900 applications, of which they sent out be...
  13. anniesong


    According to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, a third 22-week sextuplet has died. http://www.startribune.com/462/story/1250380.html
  14. anniesong

    Funny/happy NICU moments needed

    The "look" on a babies face when they breastfeed successfully for the first time and seem to really "get it" makes me smile. As does his or her mother's expression of joy when it happens.
  15. anniesong

    Is this normal?

    Well, I strongly believe that each nurse, while able to share many common experiences with others in the same place, is different and handles his or her experiences differently. Opportunities that are open to each person will be different as well. ...
  16. anniesong

    wearing gloves when feeding neonates

    In my NICU we have a three minute scrub prior to entering the unit, and frequent handwashing or use of foam, and foam or handwashing between babies. We are required to use gloves on kids who've yet to have their first bath. Other than that, unless ...