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MICU for 4 years, now PICU for 3 years!
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WSU_Ally_RN has 7 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in MICU for 4 years, now PICU for 3 years!.

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  1. WSU_Ally_RN

    Silicone stethoscope chest piece/bell cover

    AllMed Catalog :: Diagnostics :: Stethoscopes :: Trimline SafeSEAL® Replacement Parts SafeSEAL Soft Diaphragm Those are the only 2 links I can find... not sure where the company's are from. Do you have a stethoscope you must use them with? Or just like them because of the antimicrobial properties? Since they are so hard to find, you're probably better off just cleaning you stethoscope before patient contact with a cavi wipe at the beginning of your shift, and the bell/diaphragm with alcohol wipes in between patients...
  2. WSU_Ally_RN

    Ear tips for Stethoscopes

    I had a DRG stethoscope when I was in nursing school. I think when I had to purchase ear tips for it, my local scrub shop was able to order them for me. I eventually got a new stethoscope d/t the inability to easily purchase things for it. I figured if I couldn't just order online, that it was going to get harder and harder to get them.
  3. WSU_Ally_RN

    Interesting or Different Anatomy:What have you encountered?

  4. WSU_Ally_RN

    Non-Littman Stethoscope Recommendations

    I'll be the third to recommend and ultrascope! They are much more affordable than a Littmann. I have a Littmann Cardiology III and a pediatric sized ultrascope. I work primarily with kids with congenital heart defects in a PICU, both pre and post surgery. It is essential that I can pick up on murmurs. I feel I can hear them much better with my ultrascope than my Littmann. Plus the ultrascope is so much lighter in weight than my Littmann. I almost cringe when I have an adult sized patient and I have to pull out my Littmann...
  5. WSU_Ally_RN

    Customized stethescope

    Never seen ones with printed tubing... what about an ultrascope?? I found this one in a cheetah print... I also saw zebra. I have an ultrascope and love it! UltraScopes.com Store
  6. WSU_Ally_RN

    CE question

    No, Ohio's renewal was this year. I think you had to be renewed by July 31.
  7. WSU_Ally_RN

    CE question

    I'm an Ohioan too... just like Meriwhen said, you just need to make sure you hold on to that CEU certificate for I think 7 years... CEU's are basically an honor system until you get audited, which I think they can go back 6 or 7 years, and you better have all your CEU certificates for them! Did you remember your law CEU too??
  8. WSU_Ally_RN

    Continuous aerosol treatment

    That sounds kinda scary... kids on continuous can go bad so quick! Anyone on continuous at my hospital buys a bed in the PICU! (We do not have a step down unit.) I don't take care of a lot of asthmatics, but I think they have to be getting albuterol puffs q2hrs and atrovent q4hrs before we'll send them to the regular floor.
  9. WSU_Ally_RN

    Read any good books lately??

    There is a book called "Walk On Water" about Dr. Mee and the congenital heart program at the Cleveland Clinic. I read it last summer when I started taking care of our CHD babies... I really enjoyed it. It follows some families and babies there throughout their surgeries, all the goods and the bads. Quite interesting to see everything from so many perspectives.
  10. WSU_Ally_RN

    Torn between two nursing shoes. Which one?

    I'm not sure about the first pair, but I wore the second pair my first year of nursing, and I probably went through 4 pairs that year. They wear out real quick. Are there any good shoe stores in your area that you can actually go try on shoes at? I buy almost all my nursing shoes at a store called the walking company. I wear Dansko's. I know they are pricey at first, but I have a pair that is over 4 years old I still wear... just the toes are all scuffed up!
  11. I work at a peds hospital... anytime anything we put in one of our kiddos comes out and it wasn't intended to come out yet, we have to write up an incident report. We also have a "huddle "with the attending or NP and charge Rn as to why it happened and how to prevent it in the future. They are really tracking our "unplanned device removals". Not sure if its a joint commission thing or what...
  12. WSU_Ally_RN

    Could I get your opinion?

    I tried to take it, but it keeps giving me an error, saying #5 needs an answer. I tried to fill in the "other" box, but then get the same error again...
  13. WSU_Ally_RN

    Ultrascope vs Littmann Master Cardiology

    Airwayguru, I've had mine for two years now, and I am not gentle with it at all! It gets dropped probably nightly, and still looks as good as the day I got it! I have no worries that it might crack...
  14. WSU_Ally_RN

    Any one know of any good PICU websites?

    Home Page | Congenital Heart Disease - Cove Point Foundation | Johns Hopkins Children's Hospital is one of my favorite cardiology websites to learn from
  15. WSU_Ally_RN

    Ultrascope vs Littmann Master Cardiology

    I own both a pediatric ultrascope and a littmann cardio III. I work with peds, and a majority of them are cardiac kids that have murmers and other funky heart sounds. I can hear everything with my ultrascope, sometimes even better, that I can hear with my littmann. My ultrascope is so light weight compared to the littmann, and you can design it however you want it to be. I think the ultrascope has less of a chance to walk away, since you can personalize it. I could recognize my scope from down the hall! I love my ultrascope, and really hardly use my littmann. Sorry I can't comment between the scopes you are questioning, but I can tell you my ultrascope was worth every penny I spent on it!
  16. WSU_Ally_RN

    DTaP booster

    When I started at my Peds hospital I received the TDaP booster since I couldn't remember when I had my last tetanus shot. If I remember correctly, the employee health nurse told me that since I also hadn't had a pertussis booster ever that I would get the TDaP this time, but the next time I needed a tetanus shot, thats all I would get. I think you just need the pertussis one more time after childhood.