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RamTaur specializes in Psych.

Earned licensure at College of the Siskiyou's in Weed California, in 2005, 10th of December. Practice includes LTC, SNF, Med Surg, and Psych. Currently applying skills in Behavioral Health Management. Clientele includes children to geriatrics.

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  1. RamTaur

    Multiple Convictions Success Story

    Persistence pays off. I can relate with your experience, I to have had a checkered past. I hope the best for you and yours, good luck to you.............
  2. RamTaur

    Should I become a nurse?

    If your doing that well in algebra, physics, and trig, by all means go for it. Yes we do use calculators, and nurses collaborate with each other in finding answers. We need more men in nursing; an efficient medical team needs both genders. I've been a nurse for 10 yrs and really enjoy the work. It can be challenging at times, simply because we're not dealing with commodity, but with peoples lives, which leaves us with little or no room for mistakes. You will find the peace of mind, and satisfaction of helping others meet healthy goals. Wishing you the best, and good luck in all of your endeavors............Peace/Samuel....
  3. RamTaur

    What have you learned about Death?

    Some patients accept death better than others. Some with fear some with acceptance and completion. Death to me is simply the ultimate form of liberation..............
  4. RamTaur

    Win $100! May 2015 Caption Contest

    Must be payday..........
  5. RamTaur

    Advice on creepy doctors?

    Filthy unprofessional sexual harassment is clearly what this is. Think of it this way. If he is doing this to you as he pleases, I wonder what he is doing with female patients who cannot defend themselves. If your husband catches wind of this, the doctor is going to blame everything on you. He needs to be dealt with accordingly.
  6. RamTaur

    Staying late, not getting paid.

    No, No, No!!!! Never work for free! Unless your volunteering somewhere. I clock in when I get there and clock out when I finish, period. What if something happens on the unit while your clocked out, and you find yourself in litigation. You think there going to have your back? I don't think so. That is clearly a managerial problem, if they can't fix it then they pay for it. My employers pay for my services regardless of how long I stay. That's just business. I don't have a problem walking in my supervisors office and confronting issues. Take a stand, you've worked to hard to get where you are. Doing this will earn respect from supervisors and they won't walk over you. When I clock out I go home, my supervisors clearly understand this.
  7. RamTaur

    Mens nursing shoes?

    Air Nikes is what I wear. I have flat feet so I need all the help I can get. My feet don't hurt like they used to.
  8. All my female colleagues treat me fair and square. Just transferred to a new department, adult psych. Before I approached the R.N. that I would be working with, she came to my current unit and welcomed me to adults. Love my job.................
  9. Hi, I'm a California nurse with 2 felony counts of Trafficking heroin with other various offenses, DUI, Fugitive from justice, Receiving and Concealing stolen property over 100.00 to mention a few. These stemmed back to 1984. I graduated nursing school in December 2005 with no probation and/or any stipulations on my licensure. I did go to rehab for 3.5 years and successfully completed a program in San Francisco, with court ordered probation of 5 years. It can be done given the length of time and a focused goal. I believe what happened to me made me a successful and passionate nurse, increasing my ability to empathize with select patient cases. I currently work in a Psychiatric treatment facility where most clientele have had some form of drug abuse and deep rooted psychosocial problems. Don't cut yourself short because of a checkered past, most of the time the best nurses are the ones who have had a problematic upbringing that deliver the best treatment. Simply because we know how it really feels. Today, I received my Arkansas state licensure to practice with no stipulations attached. Remember, the ones that talk behind your back, are behind you for a reason.............Peace, and happy nursing to you.
  10. Be sure to keep all of your court documentation if, and when you may have to present proof to the BON. Followed up with a history of your custody battle. They may want a letter of explanation in your own words r/t the arrest, which may need to be notarized. Your right, nurses have a licensure to protect. Think of it this way, you utilize skills, and talents to assess patients changes, conditions to protect their well being. As a nurse you will get accustomed to using these skills to protect you, yours, and your profession. Good luck to you, and welcome to nursing..........Peace.
  11. RamTaur

    Felony conviction in KY

    I guess it just depends, I'm a California nurse graduation date was 2005 December, 10. I also had a colorful past that raised eyebrows for the board. I complied to all request from the board r/t my offenses, applied for the INCLEX, and two months later passed and received licensure from the state. I think what helped me was these convictions were over 30 years old and I had no further problems. I've kept my record clean and have had excellent reviews from my employers. I'm currently applying for a Arkansas licensure since moving from Ca. Keep in mind everyone makes mistakes, if you have done whatever needs to be to get your licensure, and have proven that your compassionate about your career it will come to light. Remember, the only thing your guilty of now is getting your life together. Take it from someone that knows........Good luck to you, it can be done..........Peace.
  12. RamTaur

    What does your username mean?

    Mine is related to my astrological signs. I'm a Aries with a Taurus rising. A Ram and a Bull.
  13. Medical Terminology was one of my prerequisites prior to entering the nursing program. However, I'm sure you can find information at your local library and/or college campus. Online courses are available also. Just be sure there from an accredited entity, or recognized by your Board of Nursing. I purchased drug cards from a college bookstore............
  14. You may want to visit Learning Nurse, this is a nurses resources network. It has a quizzes, self assessments, an abundance of information that guides you in challenging yourself. This will also give you a head start on preparing for the INCLEX. I've been an lpn since 2005 December, and utilize this site still. I've learned that preparedness is key to increase organizational skills. Know your syllabus. Remember, you've already done this by obtaining your bachelor's degree, I'm sure this required the skills you already have. Nursing will assist you in tapping deeper into your talents, once you create a balance between this two. You will develop a healthy practice. Peace, and good luck!
  15. RamTaur

    Giving O2 without an order??

    Obviously, this was a change in condition, and you followed up and assessed your patient accordingly. I think you acted on the patients best intrest with effective results. Was there a respitory thearapist on hand to assist you on the floor? Or any other clinician that was readily availabe to help you in a situation that can go critical. In my experiences, I always try to involve who I can, remember, a team is better than one. As nurses we all have had similar situations. I always as M.D.'s for standing orders, just in case. I'm sure you'll be fine, chalk it up to experience. Peace and good nursing................A colleague................
  16. RamTaur

    I'm tired of nursing

    14 years, wow, thats some experience. I don't think your bored, I think you need a greater challenge, you said it yourself. So go for it, you still have so much to offer............Peace...............