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  1. FLOATnureCO

    What is it like in your hospital right now?

    This is so crazy. My hospital has the exact same "advanced droplet" precautions and I'm using my OWN n95 mask. Currently shopping on amazon for shoe and hair covers to supply myself too. ridiculous.
  2. I'm PRN and have been on call because of low census. I know we have COVID and r/o COVID patients; I'm actually "assigned" to the COVID floor, but because of my status + elective surgeries canceled + people avoiding the hospital, our census is low. I wonder what it will look like a week or 2 from now. In the Denver Metro area for reference!
  3. FLOATnureCO

    Exposed to patient positive with coronavirus

    holy. ***.
  4. FLOATnureCO

    Proper PPE

    I’m assigned to the COVID floor and our PPE is a mask, gown, goggles, and eye pro. Reuse the mask for ONE WEEK. only an n95 is needed if getting a bronch or on a vent. I know the WHO says it’s droplet but I see posts from other COVID floor and the nurses are decked out in those gas mask looking things! when asked if we can wear an n95, our ID docs said we should set the example (as in don’t waste them because everyone will want one). I'm scared, y’all. Should I purchase my own n95s and wear them anyway? I have small children at home.
  5. FLOATnureCO

    Nurse Practitioner- Job Outlook

    Hi, Assuming I get accepted, I will start FNP School in a few months. We all know how expensive it can be and I have a family...and well, a lot of questions that I'm having a hard time finding the answer to. For one, I don't see myself as a primary care provider and I feel like this is the most common job for FNP graduates. I chose FNP to be more versatile than specializing... but I would rather work someone like a cardiology office/heart failure clinic/ in-patient cardiology/ derm NP/ trauma surgery NP... Like do these things even exist for an NP? I've tried searching for jobs but the market around here is a bit saturated at the moment and I see mostly primary care jobs. Another thing I've been thinking about is how I would want to be part- time until my kids are a bit older. I kinda suspect this will be difficult but I'm not sure? Insight, anyone? I live in Colorado if that makes a difference. Thanks!
  6. FLOATnureCO

    Switching to day shift blues

    I am in your boat 100%! I love nights but I really want to feel "normal" again. And we get a 25% differential on nights... So this is going to HURT! I know everyone is saying stay on nights, but as much as I prefer it, I am going to switch to days-personally. I am tired of sleeping my life away or not sleeping enough and just want to feel healthy again and not shave years off my life :)
  7. FLOATnureCO

    A less stressfull career choice

    Here's something you can compare it to: We can have drinks with a lid at the nurses station but obviously no food. We can work overtime if the hospital is short, and when census is low we can take call if we want. If I have something that comes up, my manager usually let's me off (i'm on float pool.) If you consistently, consistently clock out too late you will get an email...But I've only gotten 1 in the last year and I clock out whenever I am done, I don't hurry to the time clock and worry about it. And we can call in sick 6 times a year before getting written up. I work nights so I don't know how strict they are with cell phones during the day.. We get away with it at night at the nurses station. Maybe I have it better than I thought :)
  8. FLOATnureCO

    This week, I have learned... (5/30/15)

    1. I didn't learn... But saw for the first time... The bad side of ambien. Naked patient in the hallway and severe restlessness. But I did learn to always ask HOW ambien affected you in the past instead of just, "you've taken this before, right?" "Yep!" 2. I still don't know how to handle chronic pain drug seeking patients. I feel like I'm feeding an addiction and it just kinda pisses me how this patient treated me when I gave Toradol instead of IV dilaudid. Ugh. 3. Flush your IV when you buff cap it if Anything with K was running through it because it will go bad. Duh. 4. Vistaril really helps with pruritis in a pancreatic cancer patient. Had never used it before. On a side note, my patient kept sneaking Copenhagen all night before his wipplen surgery... What can ya do
  9. FLOATnureCO

    Finding my niche

    Thanks for that! I am glad to know I am not alone! I decided to stick this out for another 6 months- get my full year in, and then decide where I want to go from there. Maybe the OR- maybe a clinic? Who knows!
  10. FLOATnureCO

    Staying safe or branching out in first RN job?

    Float! I am a new grad on the float pool at my hospital and while I don't LOVE it, I don't think it's because I'm float, I think I just have the new grad blues (6months so far). I was an aide in float so that's how I got the job. I go to all floors except PCU and ICU and I will start training for those at my one year mark. It's a lot to take on, I'm not going to lie. I also asked for 3 months of orientation and got it. I think nursing is so different from school though, that no matter where you go there will be a learning curve, and if you can stick it out for a year, it will all get easier (at least this is what I keep telling myself). I am on nights too which is new for me and not so cool for my new marriage....but the 25% diff is worth it for a year- then maybe we will have enough seniority to go onto days! New grads on float don't come often- so take this experience and run with it!
  11. FLOATnureCO

    What Do Operating Room Nurses Do?

    This post is exhausting! I am considering applying to OR jobs but I have no idea if I will like it! I'm trying to contact my educator to see if I can observe for a day... The main reasons I am considering are more about the better hours, excelling in a specialty (I want to be good at what I do! I float and don't particularly like it), working 1:1 with a patient (not 1:6!!)... Things like that. And my one experience on the OR was great besides the surgeon- he was so mean to his interns and the nurses catered to his every weird, quirky need! I only have 6 mo experience so right now I'm not getting calls back and I'm being picky since I am obviously lucky enough to currently be employed.
  12. FLOATnureCO

    Acute care versus outpatient

    Do it! I have been toying with applying to outpatient/primary are jobs and I also wonder if it will really put a damper on my skills if I choose to go back one day to the hospital. It's hard to work PRN when your main job is M-F, so that is something to think about. Let us know what you decide!
  13. FLOATnureCO

    Feeling Discouraged- Heparin Drip

    Is it true that if his pt INR was high from Coumadin they were bridging with Iv heparin to still anticoagulate him? Because I gave vitamin k to try to reverse his INR. So he would still need something, hence the heparin. ? Thanks for all of the advice and encouragement!
  14. FLOATnureCO

    Feeling Discouraged- Heparin Drip

    Ok... This is starting to make more sense. So the INR being 5 would still result in the heparin being turned off? (which is was) but it's the PTT you really follow for heparin and the INR for Coumadin. I do recall this from school, too bad my night was so busy my mind wasn't on this level
  15. FLOATnureCO

    Finding my niche

    I live in Colorado! LadyFree... I don't know what I want to do. I'm feeling the stress, responsibility, and overall overwhelming nature of nursing right now. I don't even think I'm in the right mind frame to figure out what I want because at this point, I would do anything besides float to med surg. ugh
  16. FLOATnureCO

    Feeling Discouraged- Heparin Drip

    Thank you for that. It means a lot. I am still in a puddle of tears hoping I didn't make a colossal mistake. It was doubled checked by the charge nurse, the heparin gtt was correct but I think the main miss was the PTT not being drawn before starting it, which lab assured me would be "added" on to his PT/INR labs drawn prior. They never were. Maybe it would have indicated that it shouldn't have been started in the first place.... but again, this is protocol for a doctor to order the heparin gtt and not know the PTT? I'm new, but that logic doesn't make a lot of sense to me. You are right, whatever went wrong, it was a system wide error.

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