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ear has 10 years experience and specializes in psychiatric ER, Mental Health.

BSN bound!

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  1. ear

    Am I too old to become an NP?

    I am 43, and just going into my 1 quarter this fall. I really hope it is not to old or I am in trouble!! :rotfl: Are there jobs for FNP's in your area? I know we are saturated in my area, I know a few people who are still working at bedside because they cant find work as a FNP. I am doing this because I want to, and like someone else said, you will be that old either way! I am not sure why it will be taking 7 years. I am in a 2 1/2 year program, it is part time. I have up to 7 years to comlpete it if I need to slow down. (and do you really mean we are going to be 50 in 7 years?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
  2. ear

    Drexel Fall 2012

    I just rec'd my acceptance letter. I am in! PMHNP program. anyone else?
  3. ear

    Can anyone help an LPN in NJ with a job?

    Have you tried actually going to the SNF's in person and fillinf out an application? I HATE HATE HATE online applications! If you go in person, there may be someone available to talk to you then, bring your resume, look your best, and go in with a good attitude! Good Luck to you!
  4. ear

    Psychiatric Nursing Certification

    I am going to be stalking this thread. I just purchased the ANCC book, and am planning on taking the exam in the next 4-6 months. I did a search for online questions, and I did come up with a few sites, but I am just not sure how reliable they are. Does the ANCC have another module of questions? Is the online module self study, or is it a specific time? When are you planning on taking the exam? Good Luck to you! and keep us posted!!
  5. ear


    I have always mixed the haldol and ativan. Benadryl is seperate.
  6. ear

    LTC Risk Manager

    We had a risk manager in one of my facilities. It was a part time position, and the facility was about 115 beds. She reviewed all incident reports, followed up with completion. She made all reports to state and ombudsman, investigated every event. She really loved it, and it worked out well for the facility, the DON/ADON were free to deal with other things. Good Luck, and hope you enjoy it!!
  7. ear

    How do I walk back into a room

    First off, I am so sorry for your loss. You can, and will walk into another room. I lost my brother this summer. He died suddenly, one day shy of his 38th birthday. There was no reason, autopsy reports didnt clarify anything. I traveled 600 miles the night before to see my family for his birthday, and mothers day. I spoke to him that morning. We were all at my parents house waiting for his family to come over for dinner. They never showed up, he never came home from work. They found him in a bathroom in a store. He was an amazing guy, he had a wife, three children, (6,3 and 2 months) He had such a zest for life. He was a jokester, and would give anyone the shirt off his back. He adored his wife and couldnt get enough of his children. Have every reason in the world to live. I tell you this about him because I work in a psychiatric emergency room. Yes, we get very sick, psychotic patients. But, we also get our share of malingering. We get those who have druged themselves into trouble, and need a place to "hide out" for a few days, or other rediculous reasons they feel the need to be hospitalized. Yes, they tell me with a straight face that they are suicidal, and I know they are lying, but they say what they have to. I knew I needed to get help. I needed to be able to reason through, and learn how to cope with these people. I knew I was going to explode and yell at them all. So, I made two calls when I got home from my brothers funeral. 1 to a MD, for a full physical (yes, I am still worried that I might drop dead any second) and 2 to a therapist. I needed to get my head on straight before I would be able to help others through their hardships. One of my first patients that I had was there because he was severly depressed.... he had just lost his brother. That was hard. I was professional, and I felt for him. More than anyone else on my unit could at that point. I went on break and cried. You do need time to greive, and you do need support. I am much more mindful than I have ever been. I hope you find your peace....
  8. This was what I first thought (other than write an incident report, and discuss with the manager of the unit- That Dr. put WAY too many people at risk!!!) Are there really people admitted without PRN orders, especially when someone has a history of psychosis and dangerous behavior? We have a standard form for orders, then write in whatever else the Dr. may order, along with the med rec. This is one of the reasons there are so many assaults in our field.
  9. Does anyone subscribe to any professional journals? Belong to any professional organizations for psych? I will be getting certified, but I need a little more experience before I can go down that path. Thanks for your replies!
  10. ear

    Job Fair

    Take a bunch of resumes, ask a lot of questions, dress professionally (like a pp said) and also wear a big smile. I enjoy going to them, as a matter of fact, I am off to one tomorrow. You never know who you might meet that will make a difference in your life! Good luck to you!!
  11. ear

    I need help managing a very difficult resident!

    This bothers me a whole lot. IF the DNS really doesnt know what is going on, then when the states walks in because of this residents complaint, the whole facillity looks like they arent working with the patients. Perhaps if you write out a few incident reports regarding this womans behavior, it will alert the DNS. The DNS has to sign off on all incident reports right?? I am sorry to hear that she is not available to you. Like another poster said, it is the unit manager that is the real problem here. These patients are indeed hard to work with, but with a united front, it can be done. My other concern was if this is addressed on the residents care plan. What are the interventions listed. IF they are not effective, then what else has been tried. That is important as well. And, last but not least, there needs to be another psych eval. This woman obviously has some troubles. I have seen some success with treating personality disorders with medication, (if she would take it) Do you have a psychotherapist that comes into the building? Someone that does not work for the facility. This would help the resident out as far as getting things off her chest, and you would also have added documentation of support services for her. Good luck to you!!
  12. ear

    Night nurses

    When is your weekend? I am thinking of taking a job, but I am not sure how I will ever have a real weekend off again. 7p-7a, Weekend to work Saturday and Sunday. When I will be off weekend, I will work every Friday and Monday. Seems to me that I will be at work EVERY Saturday, either in the morning or the evening. Is this typical for night shift? Thanks for your insight! ~ear
  13. ear

    Postpartum Depression Screening

    I just delivered in November. I had to take the screening. I know NJ has been doing it for months now.
  14. ear

    LO's that KNOW IT ALL

    This was always the key when I was in LTC. Mostly it wasnt a talkin to they needed, but some honest and open education. Best to you!!
  15. ear

    I am so grateful...

    I am thankful for my new baby girl (11/15) I am thankful for my supportive DH I am thankful for my OB and the surgeon who helped me on 12/20 I am thankful I surivived 2007 I am thankful for my family I am thankful for my first nursing job (5/07) I am thankful for my firends. Happy and healthy new year everyone!
  16. ear

    Baby Brain?

    I recently started my first RN job in May. I had some serious "preggo brain" Now since I had my sweet one, I have a little baby brain. I have not gotten back to work yet. ( Had some complications s/p c-sec ) I am not sure if baby brain/preggo brain are the same or if beby brain is worse. I have been doing ok.... (or so I think) Best to you!!!!