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My name is Martha. Currently living in Rhode Island and working as a Psych nurse in the emergency Room. I love my job!!! My dream is to be PMHNP and I am currently working on it.

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  1. illcleff


    So I got accepted into a doctorate before I found out I was pregnant( now 22weeks). School starts soon and I don't know whether it's advisable to juggle work,school and this pregnancy. It's doable but is it safe? After having a miscarriage earlier this year, I'm just praying and want to have a stress free pregnancy. What are your thoughts?
  2. illcleff

    Entry level PMHNP jobs

    I wanted to ask how others are making out finding jobs as entry level PMHNPs. Can anyone recommend any websites or resources used? I have been using Google and most of the jobs I am finding require some experience. Is anyone going through recruiters? Any help will greatly be appreciated. Thanks.
  3. illcleff

    PMHNP exam

    @ barnstormin', BSN, RN and ICURN7 thanks. Its such a great and relaxing feeling. Good luck
  4. illcleff

    PMHNP exam

    So I took and passed the PMHNP ANCC certification examination earlier today. How I prepared -I used the Fitzgerald workbook with the CDs that I purchased from Amazon. I listened to this 2 times - used the ANCC course manual which I also bought off Amazon. Read it cover to cover - upon graduation, my school organized and ANCC review course for us and we got a handbook with that. Read over that once. - Bought Barkley 2 set questions ( $30 each) - Bought ANCC practice tests online $125 ( 2 set questions 59% and 60%) - close to questions on the test - Bought 15 bundle questions from anccprep.com --not too helpful. Safe up your money - NCLEX review books from undergrad - just for practice. Nothing like the test questions obviously. - Did the free practice tests on the ANCC website for each specialty. -- helpful. Saw 4-5 questions exactly from those tests. God luck with anyone out there preparing to take the test. Don't panic. Information on the test although broad was not to bad.
  5. illcleff

    PMHNP Exam - ANCC

    Steve I feel the same way. Been studying since I graduated in June. Have done Fitzgerald and used the ANCC book. I also bought the practice tests from the ANCC website. There's something about this test that scares me. Some days I feel like I'm ready and other days I doubt it. 8 of us got together after school and have created a Facebook page. So far 6 have passed. They all say the test is easier compared to the practice tests. I have been tempted to change my date several times but have left it the same as I want to cool down with this unnecessary anxiety. I can't wait to get this over with.
  6. illcleff

    PMHNP Exam

    @gilsam PMHNP-BC. Thanks a lot. I'm very nervous about the exam. Have used the ANCC book alongside questions. I have made index cards and going over main concepts. Sometimes I feel as though I am over studying as I have heard most questions are critical thinking based. Are the questions similar to those on the practice test?? Easier or harder. I'm trying to stay positive and hoping for the best 🙏🏾🙏🏾
  7. illcleff

    ANCC PMHNP Board Exam

    Thanks for sharing. I'm taking mine in a few weeks.
  8. illcleff

    ANCC PMHNP Certification Exam

  9. illcleff

    Adult ANCC PMHNP cert exam

    I'm studying to take the exam in a few weeks. Bought the Fitzgerald book and CDs and listened to it twice. I also have the ANCC review manual which I purchased from Amazon. I did the 2 Barkley practice questions (66 first one and 71 on the second one). I'm yet to do the ANCC questions. Also thinking about buying some questions from the exam edge (ANCC prep) website. I'm kinda nervous but at this point I just want to practice practice and practice. My friend just took it and passed with flying colors. I remain positive.
  10. illcleff

    New grad psych nurse... need some advice

    Med surg is not meant for everyone. Psych nursing comes with its own set of skills. You are still doing the basics of nursing : assessments, planning and implementation of treatments.. I on the other hand work in a very busy psychiatric ER where I sometimes start IV 3-5 times in a 12 hour shift. The psych floors in the other hand is different. If you are that worried, talk to your manager and ask to follow an IV nurse a day or two.
  11. illcleff

    psych nursing and lunches

    Everyone is entitled to their 30-45 minute break so make use if it. It's better if u leave the area, sit , relax, eat it even have a personal time. Our job is very stressful and I know sometimes you just can't take a break but the bottom line is whenever you can, take one.
  12. illcleff

    Advanced patho and pharmacology

    Thanks everyone for your honest opinions.
  13. illcleff

    Advanced patho and pharmacology

    My fellow NP students out there, I know I am crazy but do you think its feasible to take t advanced pathophysiology and pharmacology together? I am very determined to do this and will put in all the time and effort needed. Thanks for your honest opinions.
  14. illcleff

    NP interview

    Thanks for the tip, I already did extensive research before applying to Wilkes and SLU (both of which are shorter programs with less campus visits). Looking forward to my interview. Thank goodness that I am only into the 3 rd quarter at Drexel.
  15. illcleff

    NP interview

    Wilkes university. Currently at Drexel but would like to transfer (program is too long). 55 credits vs 42 credits. Can't beat that
  16. illcleff

    NP interview

    I have one on Wednesday and tips will be helpful. Thanks for the post