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Msmedic68w has 6 years experience as a ASN, MSN, RN and specializes in psychiatric.

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  1. @Msmedic68w how is the program through wilkes going for you? Strongly considering going to wilkes and wanted some follow up information on how things are for you! 

  2. Msmedic68w

    Wilkes PMHNP 2020

    Guys! Welcome packets emailed just now! Go check!!!!😍😍😍😍
  3. Msmedic68w

    Wilkes PMHNP 2020

    Yes, they sent me my Wilkes log in information for the school, but it's too early to be active (that came in the mail). Before it's active you need to receive your enrollment information. Nursing will put enrollment schedules together and send them to all those accepted....assuming you have paid the deposit. No idea when those will go out or how, whether it will be snail mail or email. At least, that is what has been related to me. I'm doing the post msn program, but there's no reason why our info would be recieved differently I would think. Congratulations!
  4. Msmedic68w

    Wilkes PMHNP 2020

    I tried joining but I don't think I was accepted? I'll have to check. I don't know how I'm paying yet, not sure what my options are. I'd rather do labs I don't want to pay out of pocket but will if I have to of course.
  5. Msmedic68w

    Wilkes PMHNP 2020

    @kaylee @Nurseannblessings Yay!!!!!! Congratulations you guys!!!! I hope we can be good resources for others who need it, there's not a lot of people who talk about the actual program on here. Some of the ones I did find were like people asking to be PM'd for info (how does that help anyone else?🙄) Excited and nervous for the journey!
  6. Msmedic68w

    Wilkes PMHNP 2020

    When you get accepted, you pay the deposit and then just sit back and wait for them to contact you with official welcome packets, which I found out today ( I was wondering what what was happening). Not sure when that will be. So be prepared for that. Though it probably will be quicker response since I guess you guys will know in October? I believe we all will start at the same time though.
  7. Msmedic68w

    Wilkes PMHNP 2020

    I had all my stuff in 7/22. And I already had previous psych experience, my entire nursing career is psych, that's all I have ever wanted to do. I'm not sure what Wilkes looks at specifically, but my graduate GPA was a 3.96. My regular nursing GPA was just a 3.17. I don't think the criteria to get in is particularly high, they were just easy to apply to so I went with them.
  8. Msmedic68w

    Wilkes PMHNP 2020

    I was told decisions for Spring 2020 would be made early September by the nursing department, and they were right. My acceptance came September 12th. They notify you by email to you check your student account and from there you can the acceptance letter. Then they direct you to pay $300 holding fee for your seat. After that I don't know. My advisor won't be back til the 23rd of this month, so I have no idea what comes next or what perspective students are to do🤔 As far as the program goes, I don't know much. There's some posts around here but not many that go into any great detail about what it's like once you're in.
  9. Msmedic68w

    Wilkes PMHNP 2020

    Did anyone else get accepted into the Wilkes University PMHNP program? I got accepted into the post-MSN for Spring 2020. Got my acceptance letter today.
  10. Msmedic68w

    I have an MSN and need the 3Ps!

    You can do 3 Ps non degree at Capella
  11. Recently, a coworker of mine killed a patient. Not on purpose, the MAR was handwritten and he didn't see the decimal point. The patient coded and ended up needing compressions. He was taken to the ER and ended up brain dead as a result. He's a relatively new nurse. I know the state was called and they showed up, but they didn't come to my unit so I don't know what they were looking for. I've made a med error before but not one that caused injury or death, gave it at the wrong time, but it was the right med so nothing ever came from it but it was still scary and woke me up. All my coworkers have made a small med error at least once, but not one that has ever harmed anyone. What happens when a nurse kills someone? Do they lose their licence? We all know what happened but since it was so serious none of the administration will openly address it with us, like they think if they don't talk about it that it will go away. But I'm still curious to know, do they suspend your licence or do they take it? This is why I hate handwritten Mars. My coworker got fired so it's not like I can ask him, and I probably wouldn't anyways because I don't know him that well.
  12. Msmedic68w

    Capella RN to MSN

    Which was your worst class? I just finished 5007 and 6003, those weren't bad at all. There's a class I saw on my academic plan called advanced financial operations which sounds miserable, I pray I don't have to use excel.
  13. Msmedic68w

    What skills are needed?

    I currently work in psych and have done so since I graduated. I love psych, but I'd like to do corrections. With just a psych background could I do corrections since so many of the inmates have mental health issues? Or do they need other experience? I was a combat medic in the Army, so if someone is bleeding out all over the place, stand back.....I got this. But I don't know if that will count towards being hired. Do they want med surg or what?
  14. Msmedic68w

    When does staff rights start

    There's really nothing that can be done in an administrative sense. They are legally protected, which is why if one of them attacks you there's nothing that can be done. Sure you can file a police report but they won't get hit with charges. Same thing if a patient attacks another patient. If a charge is brought then it has to practically be attempted murder, murder or serious bodily harm (like you were stabbed and are now laying in a puddle of your own blood). It shouldn't be that way, but it is. I work with the teenage girls and I've been called all sorts of things, it doesn't bother me. But I have ways of dealing with those kinds of patients, which is basically "Since I'm such a b***c don't ask me for anything else other than food, water and shelter. Because that is all I will do for you" And by food I mean what I am legally obligated to provide, not extra. I'm not obligated by their rights to give them much else (Well, phones calls and visits, but because of their behavior and acuity those types rarely get those anyways because no one wants to speak to or see them). And then I reward those with the good behavior. And wouldn't ya know it, about 20mins later "I'm sorry I called you that, it won't happen again" Because I have something that they want that isn't in their patient rights. Got'em.....
  15. Msmedic68w

    I want to quit first RN job after a few weeks.

    What you are experiencing is not abnormal, when I first started my nursing job I would stay 2-3 hours after documenting, it was because I was new and still learning. I too had a week long orientation and was a charge nurse straight out of school with around 20 patients. So it could be that, especially if you are the only one staying behind that long while everyone else is going home. But if you do not like the job then you do not have to stay. But as a responsible adult, you should give them SOME kind of notice, but it does not have to be 2 week necessarily, but you won't be able to use them as a reference. Whatever you do, do not be a no-call no show quitter, it's rude and inconsiderate to do that to your coworker is who waiting to get off their shift and it going to be sitting there wondering where her/his relief is. I've had that happen to me -_-
  16. Msmedic68w

    Confronting Doctors with Wrong Orders

    I just word it in a way to make it sound like I'm probably the one in the wrong but I just want to double check (even when I know they're wrong), protect their pride and you'll be alright. And ask them or call when no one is around so they don't feel embarrassed. Some doctors are cool though. I had one doctor write a prescription to himself instead of the patient and had to call him to come back and redo it