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  1. Ned, thank you for the compilation of A.M.N's companies. I was advised by another colleague as well to contact the CA labor board. I will keep you guys posted. I do enjoy traveling but the blatant greed and disrespect for skilled professional RN's by these companies is disheartening.
  2. Against my better judgement, I signed up with A.mer.i.can. M.ob.ile for a 13 week assignment . Unfortunately 4 days before beginning my contract, my granddad was hospitalized and subsequently passed a day later. I contacted my recruiter immediately and left a detailed message in addition to an follow up email for my recruiter letting them know there was no way I would be able to begin this contract. Long story short the agency paid me $220 towards per diem which I promptly had my financial institution reverse. I spoke with a very nasty account manager about these funds who said I was paid Per Diem inadvertently. I am like, "How, you guys knew beforehand, before the orientation started what was going on and that I could not start". Why in the world are you taking any funds from the facility if you are aware I was not able to begin this contract? To make matters worse, the agency from hell is trying to recoup per diem and sent me an e-mail I owe almost $500. Other than the initial $220 I have never seen any money AT ALL. They have referred me to a collection agency and I am currently drafting a cease and desist letter towards the coll. agency. DOes anyone have any insight? Has this happened to anyone before?
  3. rn2themaxx

    St. Lukes Roosevelt -9East

    Hello travelers, I just finished a contract at St. Lukes Roosevelt in New yORK City and it was hell. To be fair I cant judge the rest of the facility on 9East and compared to other places I have worked I only received 6 pts while on onther contracts 7, 8 or more is the norm. My issue with 9 East is the staff. From, the apathetic nurse manager who literally turns a bling eye to EVERYTHING except the travelers, she treats travelers as expendable. During my time there, I saw first hand S.I inundate her RN's(travelers and staff) with duties the aide could do. I actually saw her walk from one end of the unit to another to pull a nurse out the room to attend to a patient rather than ask the aide whom she passed going down the hall. The worst offenses however were ignoring a report by a tarveler that an aide had hit a patient and during a coat actually walking right past the staff rushing the emergency equipment to the pts room with her coat and bag over her arm AND GO HOME. The leader of the unit tleaving like that is disheartening. Leader should be used loosely as she takes direct instructions from the evening clerk who in exchange for letting call bells go unaswered after S.I leaves for the day she gives up gossip to her. Its comical to listen to the clerk tell the NM what she should staff and who should go where etc. I was offered renewal and I told my recruiter HELL NO. I've never seen a NM so scared of her staff she is willing to jeapordize patient safety. To travelers going in to 9E you have been warned!!!
  4. rn2themaxx

    Wake Forest in NC

    I just received my NC license and was looking to go there wih my boyfriend. How do you like it? Which agency did you use and are they any good?