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  1. hopefulRN'17

    Pearson Vue Trick did NOT work for me and I PASSED! 2017

    When you say you got the bad pop up, you're saying that your card was charged but you still passed?
  2. hopefulRN'17

    New grad programs in MA

    Hi KelRN15, I did (this was a few months ago) since I have not been aggressive about it because I am in my 5th class of RN-BSN so I have been concentrating on that, learning about ACLS so that I can take that cert, I have one more class for my IV cert, and lastly I am taking the DAANCE (dental anesthesia assistant national examination) while I am still in dentistry. I agree, I think I am going to have to look elsewhere for now until I can gain some experience.
  3. hopefulRN'17

    New grad programs in MA

    I live 36 miles south of Boston. I was looking at Portsmouth, Manchester, and Rochester. It is quite far a drive.. with traffic could be even more scary. I am going to look into Rhode Island as well. I appreciate all of the comments!
  4. hopefulRN'17

    New grad programs in MA

    Hi Mrs D. , Yes. I passed at the end of February. I applied to a few places to no avail. (Wanted either one year experience or BSN) so I'm still at my FT job (non nursing) and am in my second semester of RN-BSN. Going to get a few certs under my belt while I'm plugging away. TY for asking!
  5. hopefulRN'17

    As a RN, which would you choose?

    I was just about to post the same thing! Jewelry means nothing unless there is a DNR
  6. hopefulRN'17

    Nurse Staffing Ratios Up for Public Decision? Ballot 1 in MA

    THANK YOU.. THANK YOU.. THANK YOU.. for writing this!!!!!!
  7. hopefulRN'17

    Does the exhaustion go away?

    Hi Annie, Be cautious of the E line, it is a total nightmare in the winter time. Not sure where you commute from but depending on which commuter you take, there is the LMA shuttle from JFK. I find this has the least worries and the most reliable service. K
  8. hopefulRN'17

    **PASSED WITH 75 Qs!!! PVT STILL WORKS! (Feb 2018)**

    Mark Klimek is AMAZING!!!!!!! Best of luck!!
  9. hopefulRN'17

    ASN New Grad Advice

  10. hopefulRN'17

    Pearson Vue Trick RN

    Congratulations! That is the good pop up! I am not sure if Canada is any different, but I would think that if it didn't take your money... you are good!
  11. hopefulRN'17

    Pearson Vue Trick RN

    Never heard of that pop up...hmm
  12. hopefulRN'17

    Pearson Vue Trick did NOT work for me and I PASSED! 2017

    If you were actually charged $200.00, then I am sorry to say that you did not pass. It will not charge you or allow you to re register if you had passed. Don't worry, chin up, you can and WILL pass... wait for your candidate report to see where you need to make changes. Best of luck,
  13. hopefulRN'17

    NCLEX exam

    Absolutely inaccurate. You will take the exam again and it is just the same as the first time you took it... it will stop when it feels that you passed/failed. That could be any number of questions. Remember it is a CAT exam... Best of luck
  14. hopefulRN'17

    RN NCLEX 75 questions....

    In my experience (I failed first) the PVT is accurate. It allowed me to register when I failed and did not allow me to when I passed. Best of luck!!
  15. hopefulRN'17

    Second try. 31 SATA questions , cut off at 75 questions

    I also didn't pass the first time. When I did, I also passed in 75. TONS of SATA for me too........