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  1. jnemartin

    Which Thermometer do You Use & Why?

    My thermometer has not been giving accurate readings. I bought a replacement and it was even worse! (I took my own temp several times, using all the different modes, and it was significantly different each time). Which one do you all recommend??
  2. jnemartin

    How to talk to parents..

    And I always greet like this: "Hi, Carol, It's Jackie, the nurse over at [School]. NO EMERGENCY, but I'm here with John." And then I let them know my assessment.
  3. jnemartin

    How to talk to parents..

    I've learned to ask kids about vomiting vs regurgitation vs spit up (eg "when you threw up, was it clear and frothy or did it look like breakfast," etc). So I will make this distinction with parents: "John said he vomited in the bathroom, but described it as more of a dry heave with some spit up, since he did not eat any breakfast." If I told every parent that their kid "vomited" (because all the kids simply say "I threw up"), it would freak the parents out, often unnecessarily. For injuries that I do not suspect fracture, I say "John stubbed his toe/shut locker on finger etc. He has full range of motion with a little pain but no swelling or OBVIOUS DEFORMITY that would let me know it's broken" (I love the term "obvious deformity" lol). If a kid feels sick but doesn't have a fever or obvious s/s, I'll often just call the parents anyways (because otherwise the kid may just call from their phone and arrange their own pick up/make it sound worse than it really is). I'll say: "John is not feeling well and has a HA and general aches. No fever, vomiting or anything that would require me to send him home, but he'd like to go home. It's your call." It's about 50/50 if the parents will come or tell them to stick it out. I used to be a little indignant about parents who wanted to pick up their healthy, faker kids... but now I'm like whatever... it's their call.
  4. jnemartin

    Pink Eye Policy

    LOVE THIS! thanks, Jen
  5. jnemartin

    Any Nursing Moms?

    I used to have a sign that had a little clock that I could set my exact "return time" (this was before pumping, and just for lunches, bathroom breaks, etc)... and I would invariably return at that exact time to a line of students. Or at the exact time I noted, if I was still gone/unavailable, the kids would sometimes go inquire at the front desk and then they would call me form the front desk. It super stressed me out. I thought it was so funny that I put up this "come back in 20 minutes sign" because i KNOW they have no idea when I put the sign up, yet none of the kids have thought to ask: "20 minutes from when?" LOL - they all just assume it's 20 minutes from when they see the sign. The teachers and I have a good laugh about this. But pragmatically, I did it so that at exactly 2:20 I would not have 6 kids waiting for me - because what if my pumping runs a bit long or whatever. I have a hand-me-down Freemie, but I'm still figuring it out. I am SO overwhelmed by all the different pumps that it took me a week before I even attempted to put it together, and I'm edging in on another week of trying to use it for like 2 minutes at a time before getting frustrated and giving up. LOL. so... progress?
  6. jnemartin

    Any Nursing Moms?

    I recently posted about returning to work last week after mat leave... and I'm back to ask for some advice about pumping schedules. If you find this topic uncomfortable or too personal, please stop reading here. A little background: I will need to pump 3 times during the school day to keep up with my home schedule: 9am, 1130am, and 2pm. I'm making significantly less at school than at home, so ideally I could add a fourth session in, but that's not super realistic. I've started pumping in the car to/from work in increase supply. We have 4 other nursing moms at school and we do have a pumping room, but I prefer to pump in my office because set up is so much faster, but this may change if I start getting a lot of phone calls or knocks on the door. I haven't made an official statement to staff about my schedule (ie, an email saying to please avoid sending students during the following times) because I haven't found my groove yet and don't want to be sending multiple emails on this topic lol. What I've been doing is hanging my "Be Right Back" sign on the door and putting up a post-in that says "please come back in 20 minutes." It's not perfect, but it was pretty much working until yesterday when I went to reopen my office after pumping and there were 5 kids standing outside the door waiting for me. They claim that they saw the note, returned to class, and "came back in 20 minutes"... but I suspect they all just waited there for 20 minutes. Their complaints: kid 1: asking for dayquil after I told her earlier I cannot dispense that. Kid 2: hang nail. Kid 3: rash that she's had since Saturday d/t gardening/weeds touching skin, hasn't treated at home, would like something for it now... (omg). Kid 4: buddy of Kid 1. Kid 5 was actually sick (puked in PE). I gently chastised them all for hanging around and missing class, but really my system is not working and I need some tips so that (1) I can pump in peace and have this time respected by students and staff (without getting sending too many boob-related emails lol), and (2) still be appropriately available for the kids. If you guys have any tips or strategies that worked for you - let me know!!!
  7. jnemartin

    First day back after mat leave

    I'm back in the office after my 12 weeks off snuggling my baby and changing a million diapers! Surprisingly, it's not that bad! I've been busy but not annoyingly so. Even found some time to pump. One little thing so far... As I walked in this morning, the front desk lady says, "there's a student nurse waiting for you outside your office." Apparently my long-term sub scheduled me a student nurse for the day I return. Nope. I rescheduled with her for another day and sent her home lol.
  8. jnemartin

    Pertussis Parent Notification

    is one case an outbreak? i'm not asking for my own practice, i'm asking because another school *apparently* has a case, sent a letter to parents, and it ended up on my neighborhood facebook page (with over 7k members). The entire community is freaking out, and I know for other communicable diseases and conditions letters are NOT sent home, partially for this reason. The school where this allegedly happened does not have a school nurse, so the admin may not have the most up-to-date school health practices in place. I'd like to know what is the policy in other schools regarding when letters are sent out in the wake of a CONFIRMED pertussis case (I don't even know if this case is confirmed because, let's be honest, did the principals review the appropriate documents?)
  9. jnemartin

    Pertussis Parent Notification

    What is your school's policy on notifying parents of a pertussis case?
  10. jnemartin

    Down time (HA, sure...)

    audio books or regular books, I'll watch semi-educational things on YouTube
  11. jnemartin

    School Nurse Salary?

    Arizona, private school, no weekends/holidays/summers plus fall, winter and spring breaks (equals an extra month of time off), benefits are NOT good (maybe one year I'll move to public school where benes are much better, but workload is much heavier...) = 48k I'm a relatively new nurse - I did a new-grad program at a hospital 3 years ago and my salary was 50k, my second year I moved into school nursing and started at 42k, and this year I negotiated up to $48k. At my current school I get a cost-of-living increase each year (only about 2.5%, but better than nothing). I work PRN at a skilled nursing/LTC facility where I make $40/hr, and I do this a couple times each month on weekends
  12. jnemartin

    Records Retention - Contact Cards & Vax

    thank you! I have something similar posted on my wall (from the previous SN) that addresses specific school documents like attendance records, rosters, all kinds of stuff... but of course the medical records section is totally vague. that's a god idea! currently, we only have vax records in paper form and don't get many requests for copies from parents/students. but supposedly we are getting SNAP and will be able to digitize the vax records, so that's great!
  13. If your state requires paper-copy contact cards to be updated annually, how long do you retain past contact cards, or do you shred the old one each year? I'm in Arizona and can't find a good answer to this. Also, it makes sense to retain past paper consents, screenings, incident reports, admin records, action plans, health records/excusals... but what about outdated immunization records - do you guys keep everything or shred the old one as it's updated?
  14. jnemartin

    Do you look...

    I just ordered myself an otoscope from School Health.com! You can actually get them inexpensively on Amazon, as well as an otoscope-like device that actually hooks up to your computer and takes a photo of the ear drum. I do a lot of throat checks and can easily identify swollen/inflamed tonsils or red throat, and I let parents know what I've seen when I refer them to doctor. I'm fine with doing this for ears, too. I do get a bit annoyed when students say "my throat hurts, can you look and see if I have strep"... but I use it as a teaching moment. Surprisingly, a lot of them know that they need an actual culture to dx strep, but they want to get a "professional" opinion/look, and I respect that.
  15. jnemartin

    Early Flu?

    https://denver.cbslocal.com/2019/09/18/cdc-flu-shot/ I knew it! Flu is hitting early and severe this season- CDC is recommending getting a flu shot ASAP.
  16. jnemartin

    All the nursing school posts

    I don't know about you guys, but I get a kick out of all the prospective nursing students who post in this subgroup about Nursing School questions, rather than "School Nursing" questions. Based on my experience in nursing school (utter hell with professors obsessed with attention to detail), I can't help but think nursing school might be a shock to their system... (This could just be my old and cynical self! lol)

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