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  1. jnemartin

    Sample Deodorants

    I should have mentioned: the Proctor and Gamble program is FREE. They do include coupons/marketing materials in their packaging, though.
  2. jnemartin

    Sample Deodorants

    I ordered from the Proctor and Gamble "always changing" school program (their puberty program)and the 5th grade boys pack they sent me is all sample deodorants.
  3. jnemartin

    Current thoughts on Zika

    Just curious, what are your offices recommending to pregnant women RE travel to Puerto Rico? There have been no reported cases of Zika so far in 2019 (https://www.cdc.gov/zika/reporting/2019-case-counts.html), so I'm wondering if providers are loosening very conservative recommendations to avoid it.
  4. jnemartin

    How many diabetics do you have?

    2, both T1D. Strangely, the entire student body is only about 300
  5. jnemartin


    Haha! Me, too! I was told the wrong orientation date by the HR lady, so I was never briefed on the payroll/PTO/benefits side of things (actually, she told me it was for teachers so I "didn't need to worry about it"... smh). As for the actual duties of the SN - I emailed my local SN professional organization with a list of questions and started googling the state regulations/requirements. I had long conversations with Dept of Edu and Dept of Health Nurse liaisons, posted a BUNCH on here, and basically figured it out myself. This weekend, I am going to a one-day SN conference particular to my state, and they hold a two-day conference closer to the start of school. It's out of my price range, but if I would have known about it last year it would have absolutely been worth the $$$ (I have to pay for my own conferences). If you can find something like that local to you, I'd highly recommend it. You can also get contacts from colleagues that you can call upon later when you have questions!
  6. jnemartin

    Countdown to SUMMER!

    our state requires 180 academic attendance days and we have 188 total. Our holidays are standard bank/federal holidays plus winter (2 wk) and spring (1 wk) and fall (2 days)
  7. jnemartin

    Countdown to SUMMER!

    May 24
  8. jnemartin

    Countdown to SUMMER!

    I'm in AZ. If it makes you feel better, We started the FIRST WEEK in August (with orientation starting last few days of July). It was painful. Admin is pushing our start-day back one week next SY
  9. jnemartin

    Countdown to SUMMER!

    There, I said it. 28 working days for me (not including today... today is already done in my mind )
  10. jnemartin


    Great resource! Simple and clear!
  11. jnemartin


    I had a student who asked if she could lie down. Um, no.
  12. jnemartin


    Haha! Yes, this is sort of why I brought this up! Typically I give instruction and have them manage it in my office until the bleeding has stopped - but most often the bleeding has stopped by the time they arrive. The kids want to linger and I'm not sure why. I have tried to think of all angles; of course they may be avoiding class, but they also may be embarrassed to have a nosebleed in class, or the teacher may be freaked out by a few drops of blood, and escalate the situation by demanding they run to the nurse. Two situations made me rethink my approach. First was a 7th grader with a nosebleed that started after school and had stopped by the time she got to my office. She wanted to linger and, selfishly, I wanted to go home! Ultimately I observed her for 10 minutes (no bleeding) and sent her on her way with tissues. The second case was a 12th grader who had an extraordinarily long nosebleed - upwards of 40 minutes off and on. After about 20, I considered sending her back to class because she was missing so much instruction, but didn't want her to be embarrassed by bleeding in class. It's that "season" now, and I'm considering changing up my approach of letting them stay so long. But I'm so interested to hear how everyone else manages!
  13. jnemartin


    Just curious - if you have a student with a nosebleed, barring any unusual circumstances or history - do they stay in your office until the bleeding has ceased, or do you give them instructions and send back to class after some observation?
  14. jnemartin

    What to do for Itchy Students

    At the beginning of the school year, mosquito bites was one of my most common office visit complaints. I'm talking 10% of all office visits. This is my first year as a SN, and the office was already stocked with "sting relief pads," so I simply gave those out. I did myself a disservice, though, because 3+ visits per day for mosquito bites is not a good use of my time or the students' class time. I'm in a warm-weather state and now that it's sufficiently warm and the mosquitoes are back, I am directing kids to stop scratching, and wash in restroom with soap/water.
  15. jnemartin

    C'Mon Now!

    Today is a special testing day, so all the kids basically have a free period for the last 30 minutes of school. It is now 2:50PM, 10 minutes before last bell. A teacher who is also a parent of a student comes up to me as I'm chasing a kid down the hall for his daily med and says "Oh, I just sent LD up to see you!" me: ... teacher/parent: She's not feeling well. Me: How so? teacher/parent: Oh, just generally not great. Me: Ok. well I have to go give this med. Will you be able to take her home right when school is over (in 8 minutes, at this point). her: Oh, yeah! Me: ... facepalm.