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    A "real nurse" or school nurse

    After nearly 2 years of school nursing, today I finally got asked the age old question (from a 6th grader): "So… are you, like, a real nurse, or just a school nurse" LOL. To balance things out, yesterday a teacher told me how grateful she is to have "an actual nurse" at the school to deal with medical issues, especially because she was always made to dispense meds which made her uncomfortable (of course!), and with such a terrible flu season/now COVID19.
  2. Morning! I am so thankful that I was not laid off and get to "school nurse" from home! I made this resource for my community, and wanted to share it here for those of you that might feel inspired to make one for your school!
  3. I’ve been thinking about what our role will be if DHS does call for school closure. I was thinking we could create a screening tool that would identify higher-risk families and then call those families with instructions and education. Questions could include recent travel, symptoms, contact with others, etc. Families could fill this out online, so we could go old school and just call every family and administer the survey via phone. I am setting up a Google Voice account, so that I can call families from my cell phone without them having access to my person numbers (as we would be working from home in the case of a school closure). We will coordinate communications from top down (CDC -> local DHS -> our school) What else!?
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    If your school is closed re COVID19, what is your role

    our gov closed schools until march 27 and our school just announced we'll be "distance learning" until at least April 3. this week is supposed to be my Spring break, but I feel like I've been working all week with how much I've been stressing. they want me to come in on Monday so parents can pick up meds, and then we'll discuss my role from there. any ideas on what to do as a work from home SN, let me know!! the admin is going rogue with messaging etc and not asking for my help in terms of what type of information goes out to families, so I think it's best if I work on my own projects.
  5. jnemartin

    A Question About Standing Orders

    For those that have OTC meds available to students, do you have standing orders and parent consent forms?
  6. jnemartin

    A Question About Standing Orders

    thank you for the replies! I am also at a private school with no govt funds or other attached schools, so sometimes I feel a bit out in the wind. We have OTC parent consents only right now, and based on a great discussion I read on this board, I am getting MD standing orders put in place. I am new to SNing, and the parental consent was simply "how it was always done," so I thank you all for sharing your protocols and input!
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    Stolen supplies

    So.... I've been taking my (very few) adult sized masks home with me each night because I do not trust people not to steal them. As of now, the school is well-stocked with bleach wipes and hand sanitizer, but I'll start toting that home as well, if things get wild and teachers try to hoard my supplies!
  8. jnemartin

    Positivity Posts

    On Monday, a teacher thanked me for being here to help the kids through this horrible cold/flu/COVID19 season and help admin be more understanding of staff out sick.
  9. jnemartin

    A "real nurse" or school nurse

    It doesn't hurt my feelings that the student asked this - they're middle schoolers, they are kinda out of it. Now... if a parent asked me if I were a "real nurse" I would be very irritated. I just thought it was funny because I hear a lot of SNs on here say that this happens to them, and it was my first time! I was teaching a sex ed class, and now I introduce myself as "a real nurse, registered in the state of Arizona and about 20 other states, with a bachelors of science in nursing." LOL.
  10. jnemartin

    If your school is closed re COVID19, what is your role

    I heard him discuss that at the press conference, but it was unclear that the documents were already available. thanks for sharing!
  11. jnemartin

    If your school is closed re COVID19, what is your role

    this is a wonderful resource! thank you!
  12. It was painful to watch, but once I started I had to know what happened and I ended up binging the series this weekend. Anyone else see it? My thought throughout the whole thing was "Where is the school nurse?!" And regarding the teacher who called CPS to report the abuse 3+ times... did she do enough? I don't think so (just my opinion).
  13. jnemartin

    Gabriel Fernandez Docu-Series on Netflix

    @adventure_rn I had forgotten about that scene with the trauma nurse that interviewed him. I know this is not the point of your comment at all, but as I watched it, I was wondering how she was able to speak about the incident (ie violate HIPAA). Kind of a technical question, but I was curious, if anyone happens to know the specifics (like maybe she testified and is allowed to repeat her testimony, since it is an open record?)
  14. Another Update: I spoke with HR and she said I'm allowed to pump in my room and that the lady who keeps coming in will need to call for me to phone triage. This seems all to reasonable, so we'll see.....
  15. So... the front desk receptionist just unlocked my locked door (with the sign up that says Nurse Office Closed), and brought a student in... while I was pumping (breast pump) at my desk. The best part... what was the emergency? The kid needed a snack. During lunch break. I want to die. I'm just praying he didn't see too much.
  17. The funny thing is I really did contemplate how to communicate exactly that - "Feeding my Baby" "Nursing Mom" ...IDK. I mean, I work with MS/HS, they "Get it" and I dont really want them imagining my nipples LOL
  18. jnemartin

    Gabriel Fernandez Docu-Series on Netflix

    I found it interesting that they discussed/explained the "scapegoat syndrome." I was wondering why they focused their abuse on Gabriel and I want to learn more about that phenomenon. I feel AWFUL for the siblings and father who must have HORRIBLE survivors' guilt and trauma.
  19. I lock my door and have a sing that says privacy please or office closed. The front desk lady, the one who keeps walking in, knows my schedule for pumping (I've told her). I did consider sending an email to staff or making a specific sign for pumping privacy, but I actually don't think it's appropriate that I share all that info. A lot of other nurses here have brought up "what if this happened to a teacher.." And we actually have 4 other nursing moms here, all teachers. I've asked and none have EVER been interrupted while pumping in their office or the pump room - for anything. They also have not informed anyone of their pumping schedules (as these do change from day to day, too). I DO THINK my standard is different because I am basically always on call for an emergency, but none of these issues even approach emergent.
  20. I decided I am going to meet with HR about it. We have to form a plan that protects my privacy, but also allows for me to respond to ACTUAL emergencies - you guys know what I mean by ACTUAL emergencies - asthma attacks, diabetic emergencies, seizures, compound fractures with bones sticking out.... not bandaids and headaches and SNACKS (these are the things I have so far been interrupted for).
  21. jnemartin

    Gabriel Fernandez Docu-Series on Netflix

    I should add that I realize they might not have even had a school nurse... I guess my reaction was more centered around the school in general not doing enough. That boy looked horrible in his final weeks. They should not have let him return home until he was properly evaluated (medical and social) - and everyone in the school should have known that, as mandated reporters.
  22. that's why I was worried they would turn it around on me... we do have a pumping room here. but obviously it's much more convenient for me to sit at my desk and pump (and better for them because I continue to answer emails and do other work).
  23. jnemartin

    Sub teachers grrrrr

    on a separate but related note... my MS and HS principals always know when there is a sub nurse for me, because the subs tend to just send everyone home sick LOL
  24. jnemartin

    How do you get a sub?

    same for me! if I an sick or have a scheduled absence, they ask me to "reach out" to the sub nurses. Every other staff member just tells the secretary they will be out and she makes the calls. if I can't get a sub, I have come in in the past, but usually I have the attitude that it's not my paygrade to find a sub for myself and I "reached out," which was the best I could do.
  25. The crazy part is that she knows my pumping schedule - 9, 1130, 1400. unless something comes up, but I'm pretty good about sticking to it. And she has never not knocked before. I just don't understand. The worst part is that I was so worried the admin would turn it around on me - like why was I pumping in my office rather than the pump room, why did I not let her know specifically (I mean, come on, I pump 3x daily, is that really necessary to send an email every time there might be a chance someone could walk in and see my nips LOL), I should have made a special "I am pumping sign," etc. My mind was going wild on how I could get in trouble for that. Luckily no one has said anything to me yet. There is a big part of me that wants to throw a fit about it... but I just have this sinking feeling they will turn it around on me (see above reply). So I'm just gonna keep my anger to myself and keep a sweater handy to cover up if anyone barges in again.

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