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LC0929 has 16 years experience as a ASN, RN, EMT-B and specializes in Critical Care.

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  1. LC0929

    Waiting waiting waiting

    Call an atty. MA dragged their heels for 5 years with me. I'm in the process of dealing with MA now, even though NH is my home state, I was on an assignment on my NH compact license when accusations were made and I went before the NH Board, answered EVERY SINGLE ONE of the Show Cause and ALL accusations were dismissed. I wonder who polices the Boards ?? Yep, no one. They get to play God. I'm over all of it. Good Luck !!
  2. LC0929

    Too strong of a personality?

    I have had a similar "label" for years. I am never wishy washy, I am confident, not cocky. I have tattoos and have been riding Harley's since 1983. I will advocate for my patients as well as my coworkers, regarless of whether it's a conversation that's "comfortable" for everyone. I call it like I see it and do not sugar coat anything. I certainly don't fit the "image" of your typical, Florence Nightingale nurse. I have earned the respect of my coworkers, doctors and colleagues. I have a reputation for being one of the best nurses in our rural community, which is a fact that is reported by previous precepters, colleagues and many doctors that I have worked with. By "best" I am referring to my nursing practice, which I do pride myself in saying, is on point at all times. I have always told people that I can honestly say that I may have not been the best wife, Mom, sister, daughter, but I know that I am a damn good nurse. I belive that there is a very distiguished line between right and wrong and I have no problem questioning anyone, whether it's a housekeeper or a surgeon, if I don't beieve that a patient is getting the care they deserve. An example,: I had just moved back to my home state and had taken a temporary position as a floor nurse in a LTC facility. I had my own "wing" of patients and I did meds, treatments, etc, just like a typical LTC facility. Well, I had 6/20 clients with permenant Foleys and from the time I started working there, I questioned everyone about their "policy" regarding Foley's/leg bags. Their expectation was that these clients would have the Foley bag on overnight and be switched to a leg bag during the day, for dignity issues. Now, I can completely understand this if these folks were going out into the community, but these were clients who basically didn't leave the building. This drove me crazy because one of the first things we are taught is that Foley's are a major source of infection and just the thought of the bags being disconnected, at least twice daily, made me cringe, but when I asked, I was dismissed and told that it was policy. About 2 months into my employment t, 4 of the 6 patients had been hospitalized because they became septic. I questioned the policy, again and was again basically told to shut up and pass meds. Well, that was the wrong answer as far as I was concerned and now I was pissed off. I spoke to one of my LNA's about the situation and found out additional information that just about made me come unglued. Not only was the policy to change out the bags, but they were RINSING the bags, shoving them in a plastic bag and REUSING them ???! I was completely floored, but this practice was confirmed by several colleages, including nurses !! I calmly gathered my LNA's and clearly told them that they were NOT to reuse any bag, at least on my shift. I told all of them that if they feared having a problem, to just come and get me and I would change it myself. Well, of course, I got pushback from one LNA, who I quickly told that if she didn't like it, she could ask to work on another wing, remining her that it was MY license on the line, not hers. She wasn't thrilled and I had no doubt that she would be running her *** up to tattle on me, but I didn't care. I spoke to my direct Supervisor, and he confirmed nonchalantely that, yes, this was the practice. I had two shifts left in my week, and of course, this situation was bugging the crap outta me, so I decided I'd check into things a little further. During dinner, I went around and collected all of the bags that were in patient's rooms for reuse, put them in a garbage bag and replaced them with new bags, in the package. I didn't hear a peep. Then, after everyone was in bed, I went around and replaced all of the old bags, used during the day. I can tell you that it was horrifying. I took the garbage bag to my supervisor and told him to open it up and take a peek. The bags were not being rinsed and some of them had mold growing in them. The smell was brutal. He didn't say a word, except to throw the blame on the LNA's for not rinsing them. I wanted to snap, but I reeled myself in and calmly told him that I would not allow this to happen on my shifts and that they could deduct the cost of the replacement bags out of my paycheck if necessary, but this wasn't going to continue on my time. I also reiterated this with my LNA's. When I came in the following week, I was called to "the office" and told by the DON that I was to follow their policy, regardless of whether I liked it or not. I quit. When I left, I made it clear that I'd be making a phone call, because if this was my family member, I would be furious. Last I knew, they have continued to follow this policy. The moral of this story is this: NO ONE likes people who speak up. In any business, which is what healthcare has become, the "squeaky wheel" doesn't get the grease, they get canned. There isn't a person on this planet that can tell me that by reusing catheter bags, they were making a dent in their budget (when they probably cost ten cents a piece) and the fact that any medical professional can tell someone, with a straight face, that this is an actual "policy", speaks volumes for what we are up against. I am turning 55 in September and have been a critical care nurse for 16 years and it's for reasons like this that I will probably retire. I just can't stand to watch some of the things that are happening. I became a nurse to help people and hopefully make a difference in peoples lives. Unfortunately, nurses have become a combination of glorified waitresses and underpaid therapists for patients and robotic, verbal punching bags for big corporations. This isn't what I signed up for and I will always be the "squeaky wheel", I guess. Anyone can make it in the nursing field, as long as you keep your mouth shut and do as you're told. That will never be okay for me. It just won't.
  3. LC0929

    GMC Massachusetts review

    First of all, I'm not trying to discourage you, scare you or be a jerk, but the BON is not your friend, so understand that. Get a free consult with an attorney, explain the situation and see what they say....if you are denied ask them to put in writing, every requirement that you'll need to.get to n n move forward. Don't give up and let your Atty deal with any comm needed with the Board.
  4. LC0929

    Crisis travel assignments for Covid-19?

    And FYI, I have worked as a travel nurse....so, yes, I do know
  5. LC0929

    I want to work for the Union.

    Any insight on potential employment within the Union? Thanks in advance !
  6. LC0929

    Student loans

    I'm in NH and yes
  7. LC0929

    I survived the Board of Nursing

    Unfortunately,Fortunately?? I went before the BON, for false accusations, without a lawyer, because I couldn't afford one...I'll never forget the look on the receptionists face when she spotted my 275p. of discovery. She thanked me for making copies for all TWELVE of the Board members..... I informed her that unfortunately, it was only ONE copy, the smile went away....but I won....the truth is like a lion....😎
  8. LC0929

    Crisis travel assignments for Covid-19?

    They deserve more than the nurses who are ALREADY working in the same hospital?? Why ?? Martyr syndrome pay ?? They deserve to get paid, absolutely.....they shouldn't get paid more than their colleagues with the same credentials, working in the same conditions.....please explain to me why they should....I'm interested....it's not Ortho vs Plastics.....it's the same specialty, just a different venue....why is their contribution worth more? Especially when the qualifications are the same.....ethically it's not okay....at least for me....it's border line extortion as far as I'm concerned.....yeah, okay, I'll come and practice nursing in your facility in the middle of a pandemic, but not unless you pay me double....that's probably what Flo said too.....doubtful....
  9. LC0929

    Crisis travel assignments for Covid-19?

    My apologies. My opinion was never meant to be argumentative, or holier than thou, at all. The point I was trying to make, was simply that I could not, with a clear conscience, walk into hospital in NYC, where our colleagues have been busting their asses and feel comfortable getting paid twice as much to do the same job. Apparently I wasn't clear. As far as my bank account, I just went back to work, after a year of ineffective rehab, for a second rotator cuff surgery, as a result of 15 plus years of nursing. Most recently, I was put in an MRI, with incompatible hardware which resulted in my newly installed anchors being ripped out of the bone. The next step is a complete shoulder. Unfortunately, this will have to wait though, to be done sometime in the future, when I'm not homeless as a result of all of this crap. So yes, I'm actually grateful to have $10 in my account. And no, even in my current situation, I wouldn't do it. I wouldn't cross a picket line either, but many people do. I am not saying I'm right, I just do what I think is right. I think nurses are exploited enough without us exploiting each other, but again, merely my opinion, not confrontation. Again, I apologize if it came across that way.
  10. LC0929

    Crisis travel assignments for Covid-19?

    Agreed....however.....there's a difference between getting paid a reasonable salary for a specific skill set that you have to take time and money and education to acquire and getting paid a ridiculous amount of money to perform the same job in a time of worldwide crisis....we're nurses....there used to be pride in saying that....people's true agendas usually surface when the *** hits the fan....that's kinda sad, but it is what it is....maybe the garbage men/women should double their salaries too.......this world would be a mess without them as well....just a thought....
  11. LC0929

    Crisis travel assignments for Covid-19?

    Absolutely....I'm in a position where I put money last....not because I'm rich, my checking account has 10$ in it, but because I refuse to put money first....I don't care about having "stuff"....and although it may sound crazy, if I can't pay cash, I don't buy it....I don't have credit cards, a mortgage or a 500$/month car payment...I drive a 2007 Focus....because I want to....because I want the freedom of NOT being strapped into working to make a certain amount of money just to survive....like I said, no judgement, just my choice....I do., however, splurge on a good steak once in a while...😎
  12. LC0929

    Crisis travel assignments for Covid-19?

    This is simply my opinion....I wouldn't work a nurse strike either....many do....it's not my business....just offering my opinion....as I said, agree to disagree....if you're okay with it, then that's fine for you....we are all different...
  13. LC0929

    Legal liability in detox

    ....I'm in NH....it's all about the $$$....and there's no prince on a white horse coming to rescue any.of us....decide what YOU believe is right and ethical....stand strong in the your convictions...and unless you like to fight....run for your life....trust me....
  14. LC0929

    Crisis travel assignments for Covid-19?

    We can agree to disagree....I didn't become a nurse to get rich....If I wanted to get rich, I would have continued to be a bartender....same job...less germs....no poop....simple stuff...but whatever works ....
  15. LC0929

    Detox nursing is sucking the life out of me

    My heart breaks for you as the Mom of and addict daughter as well as an RN ....please reach out if you feel comfortable....I, thank God, don't know how you feel, but I know all about the rest of it....please don't let this define you....it's no reflection of you at all....sending love, strength and prayers from New Hampshire....♥️💪🙏🙁♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
  16. LC0929

    Staffing Levels

    .....well....THIS /\ speaks volumes......NIGHT SHIFT....Detox=1-2 RN's/32 clients....once in a great while there's an LNA overnight....say a prayer and git r done....