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I am pursuing my RN, and have wanted to do so for the last five years. My ultimate goal is to become a BSN, and work in the NICU, or L&D.

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  1. ladyk84

    New Journey

    Welcome to the whirlwind of nursing school, or your at the beginning, so welcome to the most anticipated waiting period of your life. It is indeed very overwhelming, especially when you look at EVERYTHING that must be done in order just to be accepted. My best piece of advice is to put your heart and soul into it. If this is not something your passionate about, school will be a nightmare and a regret. It is a hard program, and is indeed not for the weak, (academically or non driven individuals). Financially, as a nurse it depends where you live, and where you work what your salary will be. Not to mention as a new R.N. you start at the bottom of the totem pole, usually. Also as stated above, nursing for some people is a calling, and for others it is a career they chose for other reasons. Either way your attitude and professionalism will determine what type of nurse you are. Good luck if this is the career you choose!
  2. ladyk84

    Calhoun CC Fall 2014

    I finished reading all the chapters, plus what was added on Friday. I have to wake up at 5am to rewrite my highlighted notes so they are fresh for class. I don't read every detail. I made a word bank for unknown/unfamiliar words and made note cards. Main focus for me is the layout of main points provided to us. I have work off the next 5 days so I am going to soak it up and study as much as possible while keeping my sanity. My house was in disarray from being busy, so I took an hour to do that today.
  3. ladyk84

    Calhoun CC Fall 2014

    I worked 30 hours this weekend.. I'm only working 20 now. A week... I stayed up until 2am trying to study. This is crazy.
  4. ladyk84

    Calhoun CC Fall 2014

    I constantly feel like I'm on a mission. I expect the next two years to challenge everything I'm made of academically and socially.
  5. ladyk84

    Calhoun CC Fall 2014

    Thank you!
  6. ladyk84

    Calhoun CC Fall 2014

    I'm not sure if they are or not. I just don't have a calhoun ID in general. I never had any use for it.
  7. ladyk84

    Calhoun CC Fall 2014

    Thank you for letting us know about the textbook. So I am new to financial aid, I usually pay OOP, but I need to pick up my nurse pack from calhoun. When we use financial aid all we need is our schedule and an ID right? I haven't purchased my calhoun badge and I do not have a calhoun ID card. Does anyone know if we can use a license? If not, I'll purchase my badge before I go to the bookstore.
  8. ladyk84

    CNA first or Classes?

    If you make a decent amount of money now I wouldn't waste time on a CNA. He's 2.5, so he will start kindergarten in 2.5 years right? That time you should do prereqs and save for school.
  9. ladyk84

    Calhoun CC Fall 2014

    I was wondering about the uniforms as well. I think I will wear mine because it is mandatory, they are just giving lenience for new students. The excitement for school has worn off for me. Now I'm just ready to start...I had a dream, no nightmare a few nights ago I failed a class by -1 point. I want to start working on my books now so come on Monday!
  10. Most University's have direct entry programs for BSN. The catch is for high school students you must have a decent GPA, an anatomy class, decent SAT score (or whichever test is used at the University you apply to) and recommendations from a boss, teacher, or mentor. It is different for each University, you have to research. Call the school or email an advisor. You can look at their website to find that info as well. Although, from my experience at Arizona State if you do not meet BSN entry requirments as a high school student they put you into a, "Healthy Life Style Coach" degree. It requires the same prereqs as a nursing student but you have to apply to the BSN program sophomore year.
  11. ladyk84

    What was I thinking?!?!

    Can you take any online classes? For the fine art and history? If so, that could make it easier?
  12. ladyk84

    No Chances of getting in? 2014

    Hello, I don't know what to tell you about finding a school. I had to move to get into an inexpensive, qualified school. Also I had to cut my hours in half to take microbiology in the summer. I checked out with a 98% in the class. Last summer I took A&P I and checked out with a D and the difference was I was working full time last summer and took a class along side anatomy in the summer. That didn't mean I was stupid, I had to learn how to study and I also needed to cut back on hours at work in order to spend more time focusing on my books. As a full time nursing student I only work 16-24 hours a week so I can pay my bills and for gas. Not all of us can work full time and go to school. Doesn't mean your unintelligent!
  13. ladyk84

    10 Study Tips that will Make Nursing School Easier

    I agree with think in terms of action not facts!
  14. ladyk84


    I was 16 when I decided I would become a nurse to take care of preemies in the NICU. I am now 21, and starting my first year in nursing school. Although my end goal is still to become a NICU nurse, I have realized that experience should come first. I would enjoy working a few years as a L&D nurse, and then PICU. During these years I would obtain my BSN, and then apply to a NICU. I would also love to be a prenatal, and postnatal NP. Similar to being a midwife. I would set up a clinic with a MD, where he/she and I share the responsibilities. He could be delivering a baby, while I'm doing an ultra sound at the office. (But this is just a silly dream)
  15. ladyk84

    Got into nursing school....Should I wait?!?!

    Spanish You do the math.
  16. ladyk84

    A&P 1

    I believe having a strong curiosity about how the body works really helped. A&P I & II success depends on how well developed your study habits are. You have to be devoted to it. I went through over 600 note cards for my A&P's, I read everything my teacher recommended, plus I used google to find quiz sites which helped me practice bones, muscles, and body systems. One other key thing, if you can't explain how a system works before a test, it probably means you didn't study enough. Ex. Blood flow, and digestion. Practice explaining it to other people, (who will listen). You will find your weaknesses that way. Also it's a wonderful way to drill it into your brain. Everyone learns different, you have to find what works for you. Good luck and happy studying!