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SeaH20RN is a BSN and specializes in ER, Forensic Nurse, SANE.

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  1. SeaH20RN

    SANEs - what's in your bag?

    An ALS =Alternate light source is a light that can detect bruising under the skin, saliva and semen. Is similar to the woods lamp used in the hospital but the ALS has different wave lengths to detect different proteins that are on the skin our bruis...
  2. SeaH20RN

    SANEs - what's in your bag?

    Oh great. Are you currently doing sane exams? The googles are used with frequent use of the ALS light to protect your eyes from the light. ALS illuminates any saliva or seamen on the skin.
  3. SeaH20RN

    SANEs - what's in your bag?

    Oh and we use Tolidyne Blue to asses for micro tears that might not be visible.
  4. SeaH20RN

    SANEs - what's in your bag?

    I have a rolling bag from office depot filles with paperwork, ALS light and googles, SAk (sexual assault kits) toxicology kits, I prepare a Ziploc bag with a speculum, sterile wAter, lub, mask for me, chux for clean work area and preg test . That w...
  5. SeaH20RN

    Feeling discouraged: Aspiring L&D nurse/CNM

    Keep your focus on nursing school. When your finished you will be one step closer to an L&D nurse. Remember why you started.......! Good luck!
  6. SeaH20RN

    Feeling discouraged: Aspiring L&D nurse/CNM

    Follow your passion. Lot of people find a preceptorship right out of school. When you do your L&D rotation you might get to know the Nurse managers there. If you have to do 6 months or a year on Med/Surg it will go by fast. Hang in there!
  7. SeaH20RN

    Who is a forensic nurse

    To become a SANE nurse you must find a 40hour adolescent /Adult Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner course. This is the basic step. You do not need an BSN, MSN or Certificate. You will need training on speculum exams, collecting evidence, documentation and...
  8. SeaH20RN

    Anyone SANE trained?

    It takes a special nurse to care for the pediatric patient. Im glad you are following your passion. The SANE peds course will be a great starting point. Before you can actually do SANE exams, its recommended that you are a nurse for 2 years. Ever...
  9. SeaH20RN

    SANEs - what's in your bag?

    Im part of a SANE team for over 3 years. When you are hired different programs have different protocols. The main thing you want to be comfortable with is your camera. You maybe part of a mobile team and lighting is different in every area you...
  10. SeaH20RN

    ED a reasonable fit ? Or am I crazy?

    Of course you have to be a Little Crazy to Work in the ER.
  11. SeaH20RN

    Article: Acute CVA vs. Bell's Palsy

    Thanks for the Info.
  12. SeaH20RN

    Watch with pedometer?

    if you use a free Pedometer app on your phone. Just leave your phone in you pocket and Go!. It will add your steps for you. No extra charge. I use Argus on my iPhone.
  13. SeaH20RN

    charting!!!! I am about to leave home health...

    Your right! It IS the best job in the world but you do so much paperwork, your only making $5.00 hr. at the end of the day. I tried everything, taking paper work home to work on after dinner and get up earlier in the morning 5am to finish. It come...
  14. SeaH20RN

    Why would you give this up??

    Maybe she could try it over the summer. take a per diem job.
  15. SeaH20RN

    Life, death, and dying.

    I enjoyed reading everyones input on this subject. I started on an Oncology Floor with some pretty sick patients getting Chemo. Its not easy seeing people go through this because Cancer has no limit to age, some are so young. Its a daily struggle t...