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  1. bluebeetle7

    So did I get the job or not?

    I just recently had interview and waiting to hear back. I think the holidays has pushed everything back. In my experiences, a tour of the facility/unit, usually means they're highly interested/got it. You'll probably hear by this week.
  2. bluebeetle7

    Was this week a bust for interview offers?

    congrats! I hope ill hear something this week.
  3. bluebeetle7

    Was this week a bust for interview offers?

  4. I interviewed for a new position 12/19. Waiting to hear back. Was this whole week just wasted because everyone was on vacation or what? Signed, Kinda hopeful Happy new year!!
  5. bluebeetle7

    Loosing hope

    You need to use every contact connection you made as an assistant. Every email, every phone number, any friend that can connect you and pass your resume along. It's who you know these days. Seems like you have many connections at your old job.
  6. bluebeetle7

    california license by endorsement

    hi all. Been awhile since I saw my original post, to those reading this now, December 2017, it took 4 months total to receive my CA license by endorsement.
  7. bluebeetle7

    Fresno base pay for nurses

    is this really the pay? any updates on fresno salary?
  8. bluebeetle7

    Timeline for endorsing RN license to CA

    you get it anywhere. the fingerprint place has it too. california sent me theres, any my NY fingerprinting spot gave me an extra. its the same.
  9. bluebeetle7

    Timeline for endorsing RN license to CA

    they do. it took about 2 weeks for me back in september.
  10. bluebeetle7

    california license by endorsement

    thanks for sharing your story. I sent in all my paperwork with fingerprints on December 18. They cashed my check on february 2, and made my breeze account on february 1. just waiting…. the website says 10-12 weeks to process… i think it starts from the day they cash the check. i haven't called yet to check on my status. good luck to us
  11. bluebeetle7

    RN Moving to San Francisco, CA

    have u had any luck finding a job? im looking to move to SF from NY in July.
  12. bluebeetle7

    Timeline for endorsing RN license to CA

    From NY, I sent in all my packet of paperwork with the fingerprint cards on Dec 18. They just cashed my check on Feb 3… patiently waiting.
  13. bluebeetle7

    california license by endorsement

    We have all heard how lengthy the California licensing by endorsement can be. I haven't found any new updated threads on this. What's your experience been in the California license by endorsement process?… I'm from NY and sent in my license for endorsement a month ago, which was the middle of December 2015. I think I'm looking at another 3 months from now. I didn't apply for the temporary license. They haven't cashed my check yet. What's your status and how's the process going for you? Thanks.
  14. How long do we wait before we can write it off as a no-go? With them not answering e-mails or phonecalls? What's your personal experiences?
  15. bluebeetle7

    Winthrop University Hospital orientation

    Not sure if anyone is still following this thread. I had an interview with nurse manager on Tuesday this week. It was really short but I did my senior preceptorship there on her floor so she knew me. She said I would hear by today. Waiting anxiously. Anybody else wait to hear back for an offer? How long did you wait? Thanks!