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I attended UNC Chapel Hill where I received my BA in EXSS. After working in clinical research for 5 years, getting married, having a beautiful baby girl and a handsome little man who was 2 months premature, I decided I wanted to become a NICU nurse. The nurses at CMC-NE were AWESOME with my son and I can't imagine a better profession. I only wish that I had known sooner that becoming an RN was my true calling. I'm completing my pre-requisites this semester and I'm hoping to be admitted into the ADN program at SCC or RCCC for Fall 2013. Good luck to everyone pursuing your dreams!!!

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  1. RN2BE83

    Taking a pay cut for my sanity?

    I actually have a very similar situation. Went from working fulltime nights in the ED and having a prn ED position, then switched to days because my mom passed away and I did have any help with my kids any more at night. It was still extremely hard o...
  2. RN2BE83

    Where do YOU sit in class?

    In the front! I'm partially deaf in my left ear and I want to hear everything. Luckily our lectures are recorded as well so we have the ability to rewatch them, but I prefer to catch everything I can while in class.
  3. RN2BE83

    Stethoscope for the hearing impaired nursing student

    Amplified Stethoscope Options for Professionals with Hearing Loss A. U. Bankaitis Assistive Devices Hearing Aids - Adults 860 Here's a website I received on AN from someone else with hearing loss. There's a lot of great information to help you choose...
  4. RN2BE83

    Stethoscope for the hearing impaired nursing student

    Littmann 3100 Electronic With Ambient Noise Reduction StethoscopeI readnothing but great reviews about this one. I also have moderate hearing loss and I'm waiting to receive mine. I ordered it through tafford uniforms and I have a coupon code for 10%...
  5. RN2BE83

    Top 10 Nursing Supplies

    Thanks for all of these helpful tips!
  6. Thank you!
  7. I'ma coffee kind of gal!
  8. RN2BE83

    I passed NCLEX-RN on the first try! I am an RN!

    Congrats!!! Stories like yours really encourage me to keep pushing forward!
  9. Hello AN! I'll be starting nursing school in Aug 2013. We recently had orientation and they did inform us about some of the supplies we would need for school. We ordered our uniforms during orientation and I know I'll need shoes, a stethoscope, a wat...
  10. RN2BE83

    Help! Can they take my acceptance back?

    Hi kellerev! I don't think you'll have an issue. I have a Bachelors Degree, however I'm returning to school to become an RN. I had several maths that were higher than the required Math class for the nursing program that I was accepted into and didn't...
  11. Thank you so much!!! Good luck to you as wel!
  12. RN2BE83

    Completed my RN-BSN program....

    Congrats!Where did you go?
  13. RN2BE83

    What is the grading in you school

    At Stanly Community College anything less than an 80 is failing
  14. RN2BE83

    ECPI as stepping stone?

    I know this post is a little old, but Stanly Community College has a hybrid nursing program. Classes are recorded and posted online for students to view, you can do your clinicals on Saturdays. T
  15. I'm so glad you posted this. I have the exact same thing, but its my left ear. I was diagnosed at age 12 and have had several surgeries over the years. I've turned in my medical form, but when I found out we had to have a hearing test, it made me a b...