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  1. veggie530

    When Nurses Use the "R" Word

    Ah, nurses making much ado about nothing. Very refreshing. Look, I get it. We live in a PC culture where everyone gets offended. In a professional setting you have to watch your tone because of professionalism and representing your organization (and covering yourself from HR headaches). But to build this mystique of a moral quandary over the use of "the R word" (good grief) is so hyperbolic. In short it's unprofessional because professional organizations don't want to offend potential clients and the word is just that -- offensive to some people. lmao. And nobody died. Totally harmless. Thanks for the good laugh, I would be mortified, too.
  2. veggie530

    Gun Owning Nurses

    I protect my patients from harm when I work as a nurse. I go through training and develop skills and critical thinking in order to help me fulfill that role as a nurse. I protect myself and my family (and anyone who needs it) from harm when I carry my firearm (licensed to do so) with me on a daily basis. I go through training and develop skills and critical thinking in order to help me fulfill that role as a sheepdog. In a self-defense situation where deadly force is warranted, do not render aid unless you are 1000% certain that no harm can come to you (in other words: don't). If anything you should be dialing 911 and bugging out to a safe location.
  3. veggie530

    Why do you wear a white coat? (if you indeed do)

    I think this topic demonstrates a lot of what's wrong in nursing. I'll just leave it at that.
  4. So at a new facility I work at, we were reviewing hypothermia protocol. I asked "what if the patient wakes up and is following commands?" and everyone laughed and said "what?? they're on nimbex and sedation, they won't" and even went on to say that if they woke up during induction to increase sedation and nimbex and continue on. WHAT?? It made me question myself immediately, but at my old facility, I know I've had patients that coded, got hypothermia protocol ordered, and during the process of initiating the induction phase (nimbex, cooling, propofol, etc.) they've woken up and were able to follow commands (squeeze hands). Subsequent to this the intensivist DC'd the hypothermia. I know I've also had patients on nimbex/propofol that became responsive, probably due to the dosage need of the drugs being relatively small s/p the code, but later on the patient is able to excrete/metabolize drugs better after recovering from the code. Anyway...am I crazy here? If a patient became responsive...continue on with hypothermia and sedate/paralyze???
  5. veggie530

    Titratable drips

    Here's some. IV Critical Care Infusion Drip Chart
  6. veggie530

    Taboo: 10 Things Nurses Should NEVER Say!

    I say a lot of these things regularly. It makes other nurses squirm and get all nervous and some actually seriously get upset by it. I can't help but laugh that people actually think these things impact what happens.
  7. veggie530

    150 meq of NaCl?

    Hey guys, I'm an RN and also a type 1 diabetic. Recently at work my pump malfunctioned and I received 40-50 units of humalog in a single bolus. Needless to say it was a pain, and I ended up going to the ER to get some IV dextrose. The physician gave me 500ml of D10 initially (after 14 apple juices and 28 sugar packets), still not enough. So, he gave me 2 liters of D10 with 150meq of NaCl in each bag. The bag said NaCl 24.5% or something like that. I didn't get a chance to talk to the doc about it because the ER was a zoo and my nurse had never seen it before either. Anyone else seen this or could tell me the indication? I didn't tolerate all that fluid well. I wasn't dehydrated and the 2nd liter was infused via pressure bag and I had heart palpitations, HR increased from 80's to 120's, chest tightness and dyspnea. It did make my headache go away (lol).
  8. veggie530

    so what happens after passing CCRN?

    I used the $150 AACN online review course offered on the AACN website, nothing else! And some youtube videos about concepts I wasn't very familiar with.
  9. veggie530

    so what happens after passing CCRN?

    Literally 5 seconds after posting this I figured it out. Whoops :) --> Verification of certification on AACN website I do wonder how long it takes for your certification to post, though
  10. veggie530

    so what happens after passing CCRN?

    Odd question, but I passed my CCRN recently... now what? Do I get a card or something to go with my ACLS/PALS/BLS/etc.? I googled with surprisingly not many relevant results...
  11. veggie530

    Baby RN's running ICU?!!

    With terms like "baby nurse" being thrown around I'm not entirely surprised by a high turnover rate. At face value, it sounds like the unit culture is not conducive to wanting to stick around. Hopefully I'm wrong, or you'll never have more than toddler nurses.
  12. veggie530

    Switching Specialties

    Stand up for yourself, don't take nonsense from anyone -- doesn't matter what it says on their name badge, you're all human beings. Now, maybe you're colossally screwing up all the time, I can't speak to that. Regardless, don't take crap from anyone including surgeons. Don't give up OR experience to go to a floor, that would be a very potato move. Find another OR or put in your time here before you can transfer and stand up for yourself.
  13. veggie530

    MEN, dont come into nursing

    If the message came across far less whiny people may take it seriously. In my experience thus far, your experience in nursing is going to depend largely on your co-workers, your facility, and your patient population. I was miserable in my first 6 months on the job before I switched units/specialties, and since then it's better, albeit not all that fulfilling. I'll refrain from saying things like "put your big boy pants on" because saying that from the safety of a computer screen is just as bad as being a whine baby. Do yourself a favor, work your way up the ladder and find a way to get out if you don't like the profession -- or at least find something you like.
  14. veggie530

    Use your call light - Wisely

    Some of the facebook comments are ridiculous. People are way too sensitive about this stuff.
  15. veggie530

    Nursing Student question HELP!

    Sure it should be. We need more diversity in this field.
  16. veggie530

    Why Do I Care?

    It's a career. There is no reason anyone should sacrifice pay, prestige, vertical mobility, career advancement or happiness when an opportunity for any of those arise. I understand your frustration, but the quotes you put there are... nothing that raises question of cultural character of new grads. It isn't any of your concern... and people should do what's best for them in their careers. It makes sense, doesn't it? Good read though.