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  1. Fearless_leader

    Obesity and health issues

    I feel the same way. I'm also tall and heavy. I went to the Dr. today and to my surprise I have gained more weight and I am trying to loose. Ughí ½í¸ží ½í¸© I have reached my maximum weight. Anywho continue to make small changes and I will do the same. One step at a time.
  2. Fearless_leader

    Best Shoes for Nurses

    I prefer Alegria. Pricey$$ however They are so nice and comfy. I own 2 pair. Even though they look heavy and bulky. I am pleased with the comfort and my feet no longer hurts. Before I use to wear Allwear and my Nikes and Reebox don't cut it for me either.
  3. Fearless_leader

    Cleveland Clinic in Weston, FL--question

    Yes they do I'm a new grad AS. Working on BSN.
  4. Fearless_leader

    Excited new grad Tele Nurse Tips?

    Thank You Ruby Vee. I will take your advice.
  5. Fearless_leader

    Cleveland Clinic RN assessments

    I would like to add that I passed the PCE test. I am out of shape but I still passed. So don't worry guys. I take the Math test and PBDS in 12 days. I bought safemedicate program online to help with dosage calculations because Math is not my strong point. I heard the Math is super easy, but what maybe easy to you may not be easy to me. I am trusting God to pull me through because I work for a great health care system already unfortunately they are hiring for nights and what Cleveland is paying for day shift is the same if more than the night shift. If I resign from there and fail the math portion I'm screwed. However I get 2 tries so that good. I'm going with Cleveland bringing faith and hope with me. Anywho I am excited and nervous at the same time. I'm a new grad, and I want to give the very best care that I can.
  6. Fearless_leader

    Cleveland Clinic orientation exam questions?...

    I'm so nervous about the math portion. I made it through med math in school. I just never like math peroid. I pray I pass this math test with a 90 or above. ^^ above poster says it's super easy I'm hoping your right.
  7. Fearless_leader


    Going through my old posts and saw this one. Well I must say things got way worse, but now it's so much better. I'm shocked.
  8. Fearless_leader

    Excited new grad Tele Nurse Tips?

    Hello everyone, I finally landed a job as a new graduate. I'm four months post NCLEX so glad that's over. I'm very prudent so I have taken the opportunity to buy a documentation book to help me with learning documentation. I also invested in a ECG made easily book to embed rhythm strips in my mental roladex. Furthermore I will be reviewing cardiac & other meds. I have 3 weeks before I go to orientation any other tips. I have a background working in a cardiology office for one year and 9 years as a PCA.
  9. Fearless_leader

    ITT RN grad RN to BSN programs

    Update I am enrolled into UTA RN-BSN program, and I love it.
  10. This is good information. I was just hired in a LTC. They give 2 weeks orientation and that's it. I was wondering how I'm going to handle 20-30 patients as a new grad Nurse.
  11. Fearless_leader

    NCLEX March 2017

    I passed the Nclex yesterday. 113 questions. Uworld is the truth. Thank God
  12. Fearless_leader

    NCLEX March 2017

    Hi guys I test in 6 days. Boy am I nervous. I am a repeat test taker this is my 2nd time taking the test. I am using World mainly, but I do have the Remar Quick facts, Hey Rona Notes, and Hurst Review. I'm kind of scared to take the predictor test. My UWorld expires 3/11/ and I test 3/13. I am praying for a miracle because this has been a long... journey for me. Good Luck everyone and I hope to come back with good news. I am scoring in the 64% on Uworld. I here that is good. I hope Tuesday morning state board results will show that I PASS. In the name of Jesus.
  13. Fearless_leader

    I failed my NCLEX

    I failed Nov. 16, 2016. I am almost died I studied and prayed so hard. I failed I think mostly from mental fatigue. I studied 8 hours a day for week even the day before. My results came back in all areas as Near Passing. I'm waiting for my ATT now. I really like Uworld and I plan on using them again. Also I'm only spending 4-5 hrs. a day to study not the 8 hrs. I did previously. Good luck and God Bless I really think UWorld is the best.
  14. Fearless_leader

    8 year retake and PVT

    You PASSED... Congratulations. The PVT works for everybody.. my dear. Way to go....
  15. Fearless_leader

    The NCLEX is a complete conundrum to me

    Congratulations. I failed last month I'm praying that I pass next time.